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« on: December 06, 2018, 03:25:29 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: December 06, 2018
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Theresa May has been found lying to parliament and the people. Britain must leave the EU before it collapses about our heads. Why would a country with the 6th biggest economy and ranked as a “Global Power” second only to the United States in terms of its international reach not join 160 plus other self governing countries? To use Article 50 was understandable but to continue to be controlled and trapped in negotiations by the power which has imprisoned us for 46 years when no rational deal was possible – that is the purblind obsession of the mad or the ignorant.
After the May Government was found in contempt of parliament the forced publication of the legal advice from the Attorney General on the EU Withdrawal Agreement shows May lied and confirms everything we have warned about on this website.
By keeping GB and Northern Ireland in a customs territory with the EU, with Northern Ireland separately in the Single market subject to the European Court the United Kingdom is split. May lied when she said “This deal does not create a border down the Irish sea.”
The Protocol which does this is indefinite and cannot be exited by the UK without the EU’s agreement (this applies also to EU jurisdiction, regulations, trade and customs)
The external tariff of the customs union will prevent all meaningful trade negotiations with other countries or trade blocks – potentially indefinitely (exposing another May lie).
The Attorney General warns that the UK being in the customs union is seen by the EU as a “bridge to the future” (in other words bodes badly for the not yet agreed trade agreement over which the EU will now have enormous leverage)
The indefinite EU controls will persist “even when negotiations have broken down” and we cannot rely in international law on mere “best endeavours” and “duty of good faith” mentioned in the text.
The Attorney General even points out that there could be an incentive for businesses to move from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland!
In other words this is the most disgraceful text ever negotiated by a British Prime Minister. When, God willing, it is defeated, then its architect must go.
If nothing else happened to change Government legislation (and there is unlikely to be a majority even if the Government proposed a change) we leave automatically on 29th March.
There was never a need for a “Deal”.
The “Deal” negotiated by Mrs May is not a trade deal.
She agreed to negotiate our costs and further imprisonment first. Our ability to trade was not part of that. In that next phase of negotiation May has given the EU the whip hand.
May’s Deal is an exit agreement with a fine and control by the EU on an indefinite basis
No Deal means we go straight to trading with the EU on WTO terms with no complications on standards etc because they remain the same as hitherto and WTO rules mean trade cannot be obstructed or delayed.
Ironically it is only No Deal which achieves precisely what May set out to do in her Lancaster House speech. Her deal lands us in a worse position than when she started.
ANY attempt to negotiate ANY deal with the EU (other than pragmatic every day border matters which are in any case set down in international law) will lead to infinite delay, UK powerlessness, inability to either trade or negotiate trade deals and further massive costs.
Recent economic news is still positive for the UK. Record levels of inward investment show that the world thinks we are viable outside the EU. Small businesses are positive about their prospects even after Brexit, with 92% either positive or neutral.
The Security magazine European Geostrategy ranked the UK as a “Global Power” second only to the United States in terms of its international reach. Why would such a power allow itself to be outvoted by 27 other countries in every aspect of social, political , business, trade and economic policy?
The latest Manufacturing index is up from 51.1 to 53.1 between October and November and UK construction activity hit a 4 month high in November. UK wage rises were 3.2% to September producing a real 0.8% rise over the year.
European companies Eutelsat Communications and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a deal worth hundreds of millions of pounds to construct key parts of new communications satellites in Stevenage and Portsmouth. Now six out of seven of Eutelsat’s new generation of satellites will be partially built in Britain.
Andrew Bird of the company GSM has said he has been frustrated by politicians refusal to see how easily trade can be facilitated with modern technology:
We already have this technology embedded in luxury goods and even designer shoes: tech which will track and trace goods from source to eventual destination with the minimum need for human intervention. In short, we have shoes and bags more technologically advanced than measures being seriously considered by civil servants and negotiators.
MORE then 1,000 EU firms are desperately scrambling to retain access to the City of London in the event of Britain leaving with a no-deal Brexit in March. The capital’s watchdog revealed 1,300 Brussels businesses are clamouring to join a new regime, which would see them take up Britain’s offer to ensure they don’t “lose access” to London.
The European Union, and in particular the Eurozone, are facing a catastrophic collapse. The UK cannot afford to delay its departure for one day – unless it wishes to be sucked down in that collapse.
In France, the home of the most virulently anti British, corporatist euro-fascist Emmanuel Macron (whose unpopularity is at record lows for a President at this stage of office) there are revolutionary movements from across the political spectrum as Paris burns, anti semitism is rife, there are rats on the streets of Paris, growth is slowing and unemployment is still at 9.4% more than twice the UK level (even though over 300,000 French have found work in the UK!)
The riots are having a severe effect on economic activity with retailers, like Carrefour and Casino, suffering as customers denied access to some hypermarkets and supermarkets for entire days at a time. They recorded an average fall in consumer-good sales of 35 percent on Nov. 17 and of 18 percent the following Saturday with equal disruption as the riots worsen in early December.
So unpopular is Macron and the Franco German establishment which governs France (Macron “loves Germany”) that as the riots persist French policemen have removed their helmets in solidarity with the protestors.
The French plans for Europe have been strongly opposed by a new grouping of countries the “Hansa Group” (Northern European EU members the Netherlands, Ireland, Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland and the Baltic states). This led to an almighty bust up at their meeting with Bruno Le Maire, the French Finance Minister who (from behind Macron’s cosy Franco German club approach to the EU) lambasted the Hansa countries for forming “circles” and “clubs” !! In fact as the UK leaves, Germany is refusing to go along with Macron’s ambitions for “more Europe” so Macron’s euro-politics is collapsing on all sides.
Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down as leader of her party and her coalition government is under threat. The German economy is in decline with a 1.3% fall in production in July and a further fall of 0.3% in August with a fall of 0.2% between July and September. German industry is being hit disproportionately by international trade wars, by the illegal activities of the German car industry and by fines on that industry both at home and abroad. The German finance minister admits BREXIT will savage growth, raise Germany’s contribution to the EU budget and will hit growth in 2019. In the last year the FTSE index has fallen 10%. Over the same period the German index has fallen 17%.
Five German executives are now behind bars for fiddling diesel emissions in their cars. In June the Chief Executive of AUDI was arrested on suspicion of covering up the diesel scandal. German investigators are looking at the defrauding of the tax system by German bankers, lawyers and stockbrokers of some £28bn.
A few days ago Germany’s leading bank Deutsche Bank had its offices raided by the police investigating money laundering. In the USA Deutsche Bank failed the banking regulator’s stress tests and found “widespread and critical deficiencies” in its capital controls. This comes as it is exposed to the prospect of an Italian banking crisis and potentially huge losses.
With an artificially low currency, business cheating on a large scale and a grotesquely inflated trade surplus from exploiting the rest of Europe the head of the German Labour Agency has said that the country needs at least 300,000 highly qualified immigrants every year. Not a recipe for domestic peace given the massive democratic resistance to mass immigration.
In Italy whose debt has risen to 2.5 trillion Euros (131% of GDP) and where the economy is hardly bigger than it was in 1999 (when it entered the Euro) the Government is besieged by the mass migrants invited into Europe by Angela Merkel. The new Government (which swept to power by overturning the decades long rule of the “centre left” and the “centre right”) is in conflict with the European Union because it wants to tax less and spend more in order to restore economic growth.
In the latest quarter Italy had no growth at all. Its bond rates have been rising making its debt more expensive and threatening its already very weak banking sector (which holds much Government debt the value of which falls as interest rates rise).
The Italian banking crisis is so grave that it could bring down French and German banks which are exposed to them.
ROMANIA has just said it is in chaos and cannot take up its 6 month Presidency of the European Union. The country’s president said:
“There’s no chance of a good government… or proper involvement in European affairs.
It’s unclear at the government who the responsible people are. People who should be dealing with the EU presidency resign or they’re dismissed.”
Liviu Dragnea, who is chairman of the ruling Social Democratic Party, effectively runs the Romanian government but cannot be prime minister because of his previous convictions for fraud and election rigging.
SPAIN has just been allowed (through the UK’s Withdrawal Deal) to threaten the UK’s hold on Gibraltar. Like every other members state with a grudge they will demand impossible trade terms in the trade part of our negotiations unless we recognise blatantly political demands. Spain has made no secret of its attitude to the United Kingdom saying we will be “split apart” by secessionist forces in Ireland and Scotland. Doubtless they will recommend we imprison people like Nicola Sturgeon just as Spain has imprisoned Catalonia separatists! Spain like so many EU countries has returned to 1930s fascism, but it does not seem to affect their membership of the European Union! Unemployment stands at 15% – more than 3 times UK unemployment.
Established as a way of bringing people together and combining in one “community” (soon turned into one country) the EU has been such an economic and political disaster that it has actually built 1,000km of border walls since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989! 15 different walls have been built by 10 of the 28 member states.
This is aimed primarily at external migrants but of course they could not so easily land at the tip of Italy or on a Greek island and then in theory travel to Berlin had not the EU introduced freedom of movement and the passport free Schengen agreement. (the UK is not a member of that)
That mad system has encouraged thousands to flee into the EU – with 34,000 deaths in the Mediterranean since 1993.
The quicker the UK leaves this nightmare the better. Free from tariffs benefiting France and Germany but not Britain, free from mass regulation of ALL our economy just because 12% of it is exported to the EU at a massive loss, free from mass migrations under “freedom of movement” free from financial demands to rescue the countries which the Euro has bankrupted and free from indefinite control by the European Court and Commission.
Free to set our own tariffs, free to conclude new trade deals – not least with a willing USA and very keen Commonwealth countries.
To use the Article 50 method was understandable, given that the freedom to leave had been established by that Article, but to continue to be controlled and trapped by the very systems which had imprisoned us for 46 years when no rational deal was possible – that is the purblind obsession of the mad or the ignorant.
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