EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Inside Story of UKIP’s Pro-Brexit Rally By Ian Adamczyk

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YESTERDAY I had the privilege of descending on our nation’s capital to take part in ‘The Brexit Betrayal March’ and to report on the event which was organised jointly by Tommy Robinson and UKIP leader Gerard Batten.
When you read the reports of the well-attended event in the lamestream media and by people like leftwing Tommy Robinson obsessive Owen Jones, it only goes to show why people are turning them off in their droves and why trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low.
When you’ve actually attended events like this and then you hear Owen Jones claim that there was only between 1000-3000 people who turned up, it only goes to highlight the agenda he tries to push to his leftwing Labour followers.
Lamestream media reports in the likes of The Guardian and the not so Independent also claim that the counter-protest outnumbered The Brexit Betrayal March by 5 to 1 which is a complete fallacy.
The numbers that participated in The Brexit Betrayal March were tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds and from all areas of our great country.
Honest ordinary people who just wanted to make their feelings known and have their voices heard, voices that the establishment and the elite have largely ignored.
I arrived at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London at 11.30am and was met with a heavy police presence but the mood was very jovial on both sides.
The numbers swelled as we approached the departure time of 12.30pm and we set off on the planned route down to Parliament Square.
The leftwing media had portrayed the people in attendance as “far-right” thugs, “racists” and “fascists” but I didn’t witness any of that, what I saw was a well attended peaceful protest by men, women and children of all ages who were laughing, singing and soaking up the atmosphere as they made their feelings known about Theresa May’ Brexit Betrayal.
There wasn’t an ounce of trouble or disturbances which is more than can be said about the Momentum organised counter-demonstration which saw protesters clash with police and arrests made for drug offences and one person carrying an offensive weapon.
As we made our way down to the rendezvous point in Parliament Square where speeches were made by Tommy Robinson, Gerard Batten and a handful of patriotic Brexiteers the numbers swelled vastly, approaching up to 50,000 people.
The entire march and speeches passed off peacefully without incident.
It really was a sight to remember as patriots flew flags, waved banners and displayed placards highlighting their displeasure at Theresa May’ Brexit fraud and how our country is being sold down the river by the political and establishment elite.
What has been highlighted again yesterday above everything else, is that the mainstream media cannot be trusted and they push an agenda on behalf of the global elite and corrupt politicians that rule over us.
Brexit should mean Brexit and the democratic will of 17.4 million people who voted to leave the political union should be upheld and respected.
I find it abhorrent and patronising when you hear these politicians who are openly standing against their constituents claiming that we didn’t know what we voted for, we did, and the people I spoke with yesterday knew exactly what they voted for and why they voted for it.
We voted to leave the European Union, we voted to exit the single market and we voted leave the customs union. We voted to rule and govern ourselves again, to regain our sovereignty and to be able to trade with the rest of the world whilst being in control of our own laws and immigration policies.
Mrs May’ Brexit deal isn’t Brexit and it isn’t what the people of our great country voted for.
It comes as news filters through this afternoon that Theresa May has delayed the crucial Parliamentary vote which was set to take place on Tuesday.
NOTE: UKIP’s NEC voted not to officially endorse the march at its last meeting on December 2nd and stated that the march was not an official UKIP event.

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