Do you REALLY want your country back?

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Do you REALLY want your country back?
« on: December 16, 2018, 07:31:09 PM »
Do you REALLY want your country back?
Then be aware that posting on facebook and you tube your comment soon gets lost by the many others who post after you.
You Brexiteers and Patriots could help me and yourself by posting a similar comment each day. A hundred of you doing so would vastly increase the message getting out.
Here is what I posted on Tommy Robinson's YouTube site today. Are each of you up for it?
People. You know you are being lied to by your politicians. In fact the lie is bigger than you know. Despite what the politicians tell you, we DO have a constitution. It states," It is unlawful for anyone to give away our sovereignty or control unless we have been defeated in a war". You knew that already in your hearts. Now use the internet to get it into your minds. Then use the power that knowledge gives you and force the corrupt politicians to obey the law.

John Timbrell
A very good idea.  If everyone with a Facebook account followed the thinking below, the message would spread considerably.  It’d mean sending the same message every day for some time.
Moreover, if Facebook (worldwide) were flooded with such a message (as in red below), wherever one looked on FB, one would see the same message.
SURELY, THAT would beat the globalists’ scamming.


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