Never elected

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Never elected
« on: December 18, 2018, 03:07:20 PM »
Imagine being a politician who was never once given a mandate by the people to lead.

Now imagine continuing to disregard the people you serve by leading the biggest negotiations your country will ever face.

That’s exactly what we’re facing with Theresa May.

She became Conservative Party leader without challenge and then lost their majority during the election she should not have called. 

And she’s now forcing a terrible Brexit deal onto us (we basically remain a member of the EU but without a say in its laws).

How dare she treat us like that.

During the last few months we’ve been watching carefully. Things are now at their worst. Theresa May must resign, she is no longer fit to lead our great nation.

If we sit back now, we face allowing elitist career politicians stop Brexit altogether.

Should we allow this to happen, we’ll only have ourselves to blame. It’s a once in a generation opportunity to ensure that our politicians follow through on the will of the people.

This could be our final chance to restore the nation we love.

Reignite is going to be a big part of that over the coming months.

By building a massive online following, we will ensure we have an army of supporters who are willing to mobilise when the time comes.

We’re working with other pro-Brexit groups to make sure we are up to the challenge.

It won’t be easy though - remain campaigns have huge funding from billionaires like Richard Branson and support from elitists like Gina Miller.

Can you donate a few pounds to help us fight for the nation we love?


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