The end of history

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The end of history
« on: March 13, 2013, 11:28:07 PM »
It looks almost certain the North Koreans are going to attack the South and instigate what could be a world war. The clue lies in examination of the global strategic 'Great Game'. One suspects that the 'Baby Great Leader' is throwing his toys out of the pram because he is being 'wound up' by Iran, desperate to take the heat off Syria and growing sunni power in the region as NATO assists its Arab paymasters and the Moslem Brotherhood establish their Global Kaliphate across North Africa and the Middle East. Iran also knows from the lack of direct military intervention in Syria and only limited of the same in Libya, that the West is bankrupt, its troops demoralised and almost incapable of fighting anymore wars, after ten years and more, with very rare breaks from them, that a new theatre now in the Pacific, is the last thing anybody wants in the West. Our idiot 'Save The World' political class have long ignored the warnings of military experts who told them where this would lead, if they did not 'rest up' combat troops- that these latter would be useless for further battle. Reports I have- and reliable they are- is that 50% and more of all returning veterans in all NATO forces involved in these permanent wars, are suffering from mental illness and on anti-depressants. I was refused deployment in 1990 because I was taking them. Now it seems, troops must take them simply to remain capable of in combat. Interestingly enough, it may well be why Obama and even our own rulers are stating there is a terrorist threat from returning veterans and one suspects this is why Obama is trying to disarm America. In all the main school and public massacres in the US, anti-depressants were involved. May patients are a walking time bomb.

In the First and Second World Wars, troops were regularly rotated in the frontlines to rest and recuperate. Today our troops are regularly deployed for war, without sufficient rest or recuperation. Military suicides and divorces are expanding rapidly. Even I am haunted by past memories years after the events. I also retain a huge sense of guilt and come close to tears. As much as I try to block these memories they still haunt me. Military combat is like going through a massive nervous breakdown, with terrific ''fun'' filled moments but the after effects, as matters calm back to normality and reality takes hold once more, can be dreadful, especially when one is alone......Only bloody idiots and ignoramuses blather about the '1000 yard stare' as the ''look'' of the warrior. That 'stare' usually means a soldier is of no further use to himself or his comrades. I have seen it both in soldiers and in mental asylums and on the faces of our politicians. In short it is a sign that they have gone nuts.

I must warn you here and now that since the West no longer had the capability to wage conventional wars, it may have no option other than to deploy a nuclear response. North Korea is no 'pushover' and can deploy 1.2,000,000 combat troops kept in the peak of fitness and well fed. They are utterly and completely loyal to The Great Leader. I think this war will be very quick and extremely nasty.

However, sometimes such events can be blessings, if only for the fact that an age old lesson needs to be learned once again by those that push ''liberal values'' and demonise the only protection against dictatorships and aggressors, the Nation-State, that far from causing wars, protects people from the same and more or less guarantees freedom. It is Socialism that causes wars. North Korea is a Socialist state, so was the USSR, Nazi Germany and China. Islamism too is based upon National Socialism and like its counterparts spreads nothing but misery and death for the innocent in Mankind....

Will we never learn?

It seems not......

Socialism is the ideology of the warlord, the craving of power and wealth at all costs. Mohammed and his earlier bandit followers evolved a 'socialist warmonger' creed 1400 years ago. The war-cry of all forms of Socialism is ''I have not got it, you can't have it! And if you do have it I will take it from you, as all property is theft!''

When one adds up the human death toll of all these human socialist creeds they number as follows-

USSR 50,000,000
Third Reich 50,000,000
Red China 70,000,000

Other 20,000.000
Islam 350,000,000

Total 540,000,000

The population of the earth in older times many times over.....and we are about to add to the death count....again....

Julian Farmer

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