Met police confirmed Brexit Betrayal rally turned out 5 times more protestors ..

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The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the Brexit Betrayal rally last month turned out around five times more protestors than the remoaner counter-protest.
The Brexit Betrayal rally, organised by freedom activist Tommy Robinson and UKIP, is estimated to have turned out around 5,000 protestors on the 9th December last year, as opposed to around a mere 1,000 for Owen Jones’ and Momentum’s counter-protest.
In response to a Freedom of Information Request from UKIP Coventry & Rugby Branch Chairman Ian Rogers, the Met Police Service (MPS) said: “The number of demonstrators at the ‘Brexit Betrayal March’ in London on 09/12/2018 was estimated by the MPS to be approximately 5,000.
“The MPS estimated the number of counter-demonstrators to the above event to be approx. 1,000.”
The revelations by the Met Police prove wrong a number of mainstream media outlets and leftist activists, with Momentum’s National Coordinator Laura Parker and even The Times saying that the remoaners vastly outnumbered Brexiteers.
Tommy urged his supporters to question why the media are so intent on lying about the turnout of the protests. He told Kipper Central: “Ask the question: why has every media outlet lied to you? All the headlines said we were vastly outnumbered, yet police numbers say we outnumbered them by five times.
“This is the exact reason that the trust in the media is the lowest in Britain out of all European nations – everyone can see that they’re f**king lying.
The Met Police also confirmed that there were no arrests made at the Brexit Betrayal rally, but that there were three arrests made at Momentum’s counter-protest.
Tommy continued to tell Kipper Central: “This news is an exposé of Owen Jones exposes his complete lies from that day; this is the factual news from the police.
“The mainstream media are putting out purposeful lies to demonise and slander us.”
The figures released by the Met Police are likely to upset leftist Owen Jones, who claimed that his Momentum protest vastly outnumbered the Brexiteers.
“I’ve had this for ten years,” Tommy added, “these lies and these smears have come out about every protest and every march I’ve organised in all these years.
“All the people who came on that march who’ve listened to lies about myself; they’ve now had the opportunity to witness these lies and deceit for themselves.”
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