Bristol City Council is Offering Free Smart Machines as a Bribe to Kickstart 5G!

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Bristol City Council is Offering Free Smart Machines as a Bribe to Kickstart 5G!
Published: 5 December 2018   Written by Annie Logical   No comments   Categories: 5G EMF
In order to get people to accept 5G and Smart technology, Bristol City Council is giving away free machines to residents!
Bristol City Council is offering energy-saving washing machines, dishwashers and tumble-dryers to householders in the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill areas of the city. These high-tech devices can be controlled remotely by you and will go a long way towards reducing your energy bills. We’re offering them for FREE for households who take part in a new research project. We’ll even install them and show you how they work. As this is a grant-funded pilot scheme, we have a limited supply, so this will be a ‘first come first served’ offer for eligible residents.

Hi All. You need to read this and then click on the yellow link below and read it. It really is time to act against all this crap. I have also noticed that the places offered for this are the areas with the highest density of Muslims etc. What is this telling us?   Having had 11 student suicides at Bristol University while they were researching and testing 5G I wait to see what happens there. Barrie Trower said this sort of thing would happen along with other illnesses like cancer, heart attacks and yes mental illness. Di xx

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