An open letter to MP's

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An open letter to MP's
« on: January 15, 2019, 12:21:11 PM »
Dear Brexiteers and Patriots,

 I have sent many emails urging you to use your voice or finger on your keyboard to write to the conservative remainers, pointig out that they are likely to lose their seats if they block the, up to now, automatic leave the  EU on 29th March. Now the MPs have accepted that we have a constitution.Please,please write, as I have to MPs. I have written to many more such as Rees Mogg and Anna Soubry. They value their positions more then their country. Please use that weakness.
Dear Edward, Priti and Gareth. Although I am not in your constituency I write to you on a national matter for which you were interviewed  or are likely to be interviewed.
The reason there is so much turmoil in parliament is because all our MPs ignore our constitution. This includes you. Is it because you have been duped by other MPs who stated up to about a year ago that we do not have a constitution? They have been forced to admit that we do have one when discussing Brexit, and debating if they should follow their consciences or follow what the public want. Now they are discussing parliament's constitution after the speaker allowed the amendment to parliamentary business.
Esta McVey stated this morning that a majority of MPs are remainers at heart, but as the law  now stands   we will leave on 29th March. I hope that she is  right, but just suppose the remainer Bercow allows more procedural changes which kick Brexit into the long grass, are you prepared?
 To date, like all other MPs you have allowed the house to continue in a muddled way because you do not use the fact which is stated in our constitution.i.e. It is treason for anyone to give away our sovereignty to another state unless we have been defeated in a war.
Know this and checkout what I write is correct. In 1688 senior judges collated all the documents that developed over time that referred to the rights of the people .  They assembled this into a document known as the declaration of rights. This was and still is common law which parliament should not alter. However parliament created the Bill of Rights in 1689 which replicated the Declaration of Rights which is still current legislation.
Since Heath unlawfully took us into the then common market, parliament has ignored our common law when it suited them and not one MP was prepared to challenge the speaker when the people's rights were ignored  by introducing legislation that is contrary to our constitution. The ignoring of our rights included the practical removal of habeas corpus by judges who altered the civil and criminal procedure rule 87   so that for all intents and purposes it is impossible to do what the supreme court rule 54 states which complies with the common law.   
What I ask of you is that you use our constitution   if there are real stumbling blocks placed to stop us exiting the EU  on 29th March. I ask that you make a point of order asking the speaker to rule how our constitution affects the lawfulness of the 1972 act . The Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir wrote to Edward Heath and told him that if such as the treaty of Rome were signed he would be committing treason. Heath admitted in the house and in his memoirs that he hid these facts. MPs have written to me stating that the 1972 act superseded the bill of rights. This cannot lawfully be the case as common law is superior to statute law. To cover up this crime the establishment has gone to tremendous lengths such as censuring   the media and teaching law students that statute law is superior to common law. When I got the government petition to over the required 10,000 which requested parliament to debate the content of the Kilmuir letter, 5 other Brexit petitions were debated in Westminster Hall but mine was left out. When I submitted a FOI to parliament asking why it was not debated, I was told that the information written on the petition by an MP was privileged information. You might also observe that the Declaration of rights which used to be displayed in the lobby of parliament has been removed.
There you have it. You could ensure that we leave on the 29th if there are moves to change the law. Please use it because I want my country back.
John Timbrell. Cider Mill Cottage.


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