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« on: January 17, 2019, 06:21:19 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: January 16, 2019
In: News

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The worst surrender document in British history was defeated by the biggest majority in parliamentary history – 230 VOTES. Theresa May’s criminal enterprise (almost certainly treasonous under the terms of the treason acts and common law) is no more.
There are now 4 possibilities:
A second referendum – no time before Brexit on 29th March and only 8% of the British people want one!
A general election – neither the DUP nor Tory MPs will vote for the end of their Government and the joys of a Corbyn government.
A different deal with the EU – the EU will refuse and would find it difficult to persuade 27 countries that they should take their boot off the face of the defeated supplicant.
Leaving without a so called “deal” and trading immediately on world trade organisation terms like over 160 other countries in the world – which is the automatic default position. Only a very stupid Government would frustrate this. Because:
AFTER BREXIT and the No deal WTO option the UK, free of all EU controls of the kind to which May was going to subject us, the EU will be forced – by German industry, Dutch and French fishermen, French ports, Irish farmers, Spanish fishermen, EU budget managers who want our money and many others – to urgently offer a free and fair trade deal. If the EU refuses to negotiate then they immediately start to suffer the consequences of their arrogance.
The UK will save £10billion net on budget contributions and £13bn (if we so choose) on tariffs on EU exports to the UK.
It is probably impossible to do any deal with the EU (our jailor) while we are still in jail. Robert Peston quotes a senior official from an EU member government saying: ‘given principles and red lines on both sides, it is difficult to see what future relationship we could ever agree on.’ Indeed it is impossible even outside jail to do any deal with the EU without great strength and ruthless determination. To act in other words as the EU has acted!
THE GERMAN MEP Manfred Weber and candidate to succeed Jean Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission (and who previously said he “does not care about the City of London”) now brands Brexiteers “liars” as he gloated about the European Union’s success of freedom of movement and the single market. Addressing MEPs in Strasbourg, the German politician claimed “no one in Europe believes the British approach is clever” – in other less diplomatic words the British are stupid!
Weber is one of the most ruthless of the reactionary Bavarian corporatists and German nationalists and a follower of the Franz Josef Strauss dictum “Bavaria our home, Germany our country, Europe our future”. Thus does the German imperialist see the progression of a Europe dominated by Germany! And this is the German political class that attacks “nationalism” – when their European politics are the ultimate expression of selfish nationalism.
And he is right of course – we British are too stupid to run an efficient concentration camp system, too incompetent to ruin the economies of the nations of Europe and too naive to get control over 27 other nations. For these you have to be clever like the German politician!
But we are clever enough to win this war as we did the others – in spite of our corrupt political class.
It is not only Weber but also British Remainers (having been the masters of “project fear” and seen all their predictions of collapse come to nothing) who have moronically used the term “liar” to describe Leavers’ optimism about Brexit. To predict is to be right or wrong, it is not a question of truth or lies! But we know who has been wildly wrong!
So we need to ask those who don’t want to live freely as an independent nation in this world of independent nations:
Why if the EU is so vital is Germany on the brink of recession while the UK is growing stronger?
Why if “no deal” is so disastrous is the pound higher than before the defeat of May’s Withdrawal Agreement?
Why would Britons want to remain with those who now attack the UK and impose the most horrendous terms in the May deal?
Why would we want to remain under the control of those who gloat over those terms as a victory over us?
Why, having seen the economic collapse and constitutional destruction of Greece, Italy and others would the UK want to join them in servitude?
Why, having agreed a divorce bill (to cover the next two years “transition”) should we still pay that when we leave today?
Why would we remain in an imperialist EU which has expanded eastwards and taken over countries which the fall of the Soviet Union had set free?
Why are the enemies of the EU – Serbs, Jews, Russians – the same people who were our allies against fascist Europe in the Second world war?
So the path is clear. We leave and immediately trade on WTO terms – or possibly, having left, agree to trade freely on existing terms until a formal agreement emerges. In either case we become a sovereign nation, taking back our borders, law, fishing grounds, agriculture, taxation and international trade policy. But this time we negotiate from strength just as the other party is weakening.
No prisoner can negotiate with his jailor. Only when he leaves jail can he stand tall and stand his ground!

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