English Constitution and the EU

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English Constitution and the EU
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:57:57 PM »

Here are the comments I made on this Yahoo.co.uk article:

The only way out now is using our constitution, but no one in the commons will issue a point of order
declaring that this is the way we could have left the EU back in 2016 when 72% of voters voted to leave.

Dear Editor,
David Davis. MP.
In his article in the Daily Telegraph 28/1/19 David Davis MP stated that our UK constitution is unwritten. As there is not, and never has been, a UK constitution, it most certainly has never been written.  It is a national disgrace that our political leaders and MPs seemingly have no understanding of our fifteen hundred year old English Constitution as originally founded, created and initiated by King Alfred the Great in the ninth century, which exists to this day and to which Parliament is totally subordinate according to constitutional constraints, it being a people’s common law constitution, the people being the supreme power in the land.
 Perhaps this ignorance, or deliberate denial, doubtless goes back to the 1960s when our duplicitous Parliament was preparing to destroy this country as a nation state in preparation to its joining the new and growing European Empire, which it did without the people’s permission or mandate in 1972, and by so doing subjected the people to foreign rule. To this end it was imperative to expunge the power of the people by the denial of our common law constitution which represents, encapsulates and upholds all that we are as a sovereign, independent nation of self political determination. Old people remember our Constitution being included in most school curriculum, that was quickly ended, as were the Treason laws from the syllabi  of the major law colleges.
It is true that our English Constitution is not codified as are the constitutions of new countries starting up from scratch such as the USA and Germany. Our Constitution is never the less written in the great national Acts, Charters and contractual documents, cementing the relationship between the people and their elected monarchs in the long process of social evolution, starting with the Magna Carta 1215, the principle of each and all being extant in law to this day.
It is an indictment on Parliament that for the past half century it has despotically ignored and denied  the nation’s lawful book of rules, created and hard won, sometimes in bloody conflict, over the centuries. In all fairness Mr Davis has openly claimed his allegiance to the lawful sovereignty to this nation, indeed, to which he has sworn his allegiance several times, but so have all Parliamentarians despite creating Parliament an unlawful assembly by its actions, not least by transferring the authority afforded it by the people to that of a foreign political power, and surrendering to that foreign power the supremacy of the people’s Crown from which Parliament formerly drew its legitimacy.  One would hope that Mr Davis will now explore and better understand the despicable contempt the institution to which he is a member has perpetrated on the very people it purports to serve.

Yours Faithfully,   Bob Lomas.  The Magna Carta Society.
As a former Police Officer, Councillor and upholder of the Law, I am most concerned that I am getting messages from all sides, including former politicians, that the British public are reaching the limits of their self control, particularly as it is now common knowledge, thanks to social media, that the MPs are committing Treason. Their is strong talk of demonstrations and even the possibility of a rebellion. What really concerns me as much as anything is what side, the Police and Armed Forces are likely to take, as they swore allegiance to Queen and Country(meaning "The People", not to a treasonous Government and MPs  who gave away our sovereignty to a foreign power. I am afraid I can only sit and watch now as I am confined to a wheelchair, but I am concerned for the safety of the next three generations of my family that range from 1yrs of age upwards. I also fear the Country will be even more divided than it was during the miner's strike and I did witness the grief that caused , particularly in Mansfield where I was stationed.
Tom Butcher( Police Officer, Borough and County Councillor, Law Instructor - Retired from all)

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