The Royal Assent

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The Royal Assent
« on: February 01, 2019, 10:08:03 AM »
The Royal Assent
Our ancestors gave the Royal assent to the King to be used on our behalf and only ever in our best interests. Most of our Kings have kept to that and have ruled us wisely and if need be with courage. A few did not and one way or another they were removed and replaced. Our problem is not Queen Elizabeth but the House of Commons who have almost from the first time they were allowed in Parliament have been on a power grab. Some people are born to lead people like Alfred, Edward I and Edward III Henry V Elizabeth I George V and George VI our great Generals and Admirals and some very few politicians like the two Pitts and Churchill. Others in authority abuse the authority they were given on the whole you give the common man authority over others and he can't help himself he gets delusions of grandeur and almost without fail he shits on the working man from a vast height. The common man is his grab for power over hundreds of years have used blackmail and bullying to get what he wants. And as he grabs power for himself he steals it from those better placed to handle power over others. The House of Lords has consistently come down on the side of the working man throughout history so their authority had to be destroyed so the common man in Parliament forced the Parliament and House of Lords Acts through removing the ability of those in the House of Lords to protect us with the authority they were born and educated from birth to do. The same has happened with the King it started with Henry V a great King/General a national hero who wanted money to build defences with the common man in government refused him the money unless they were given the right to initiate all future legislation it started with Henry V but ended with George V when the House of Commons stole the Royal Prerogative from him. According to a report on the Prerogative issued by the Commons library in the 90's the Royal assent has not been given in person by the sovereign since 1854. This means Queen Elizabeth II has not given the Assent to any of the treaties she is being accused of being a traitor for signing. Everything has been given the automatic assent by a group of five Peers appointed cross party by the government. Far too many of the common men and women on here are happy to blame her Majesty for everything wrong in our country today. A common cry is why does she not give away her money to help the starving or rough sleepers, well you can blame our ancestors for that the Crown did not steal their vast estates they were given to our first Kings because the people them selves said the King must be visibly above him so they gave the King vast estates with the proviso they had to fund the office of the Crown from those estates, and that they were not allowed by law from giving any of that wealth away because that would diminish the office of the Crown. Every King and Queen since George III has allowed the profits from the Crown Estates to go to the exchequer in exchange for a grant to run the office of the Crown in 2015 the last year we have figures for the profit was £375, 000000 of which the exchequer gave her back to run the office of the Crown £40, 000000 which means the Queen out of the goodness of her heart gave us £335,000000 of her own money. Our problem today is not the Queen but the common man in Parliament and the yes men he has illegally placed in the Lords. It was the common man in Parliament who repealed the 1351 Act of Proviso's which prevented the sale of English assets to foreigners in the 1948 Criminal Law Revision Act, now our water and electric companies plus a lot more are foreign owned. It was the common man in Parliament who repealed the 1351 Act or Praemenure which forbade the importation of any foreign laws into England, which forbade the drawing out of this Kingdom any of the Kings subjects to be tried in a foreign court and which forbade the excommunication of any of his subjects on the orders of the Pope in the 1967 Criminal Law Act, now we have thousands of foreign laws in the Kingdom and the European arrest warrant. So a lot of people need to shut up until they learn something about the history of the Kingdom they were born into.

Albert Burgess

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