What he said - before he was offered rewards? Ex P M John Major

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What he said - before he was offered rewards? Ex P M John Major
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:03:59 PM »
What he said - before he was offered rewards? Ex P M John Major

Sat 09/02/2019 20:54

Another,  like Corbyn and Bliar.
This list could be very useful in being sent to every person you know  -  and to your MP?
I'm amazed that John Major ever had the sense to list these problems with the EU in view of what he has been saying recently.  These quick bullet points can be put into any letter/e.mail we are sending out to Remainers, especially Remainer Members of Parliament.
  Ex P M John Major was in the press not long ago castigating those who want to leave the Unelected E U. 
When he first became P M he was credited with saying  " Beware of Academics bereft of Common Sense"
  It is very clear that there is NO Common Sense in :-
1, Following  foreign Unelected leaders of the E U who cannot be deposed.,
2 Leaving your house doors open and unlocked as with Schengen and English open borders.
3 Preventing production of food  by domestic Farmers and Fishermen and giving preference to foreign countries.
4 Allowing  Demand by increasing populations  to exceed Supplies in Housing , N H S, Schools and Welfare payments and Transport.
5 Giving our money to corrupt recipients without due diligence and certainty  that it would not be misused and squandered as in the E U , who have never had audited accounts, and Foreign Aid recipient countries.
6 Being just ONE voice in a community of 28 voices
7 Having the Euro as our currency
8 Giving Our money away and Not repaying our National Debt of £1.7 trillion and rising.
9 Importing food and materials from abroad, which could be home produced, and creating vast pollution and congestion in transporting these imports on our roads.
  There is no common sense in letting these problems continue >  Only you can change Our world for Our children

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