Look at these preening, publicly funded, treasonous 'pieces of work' .

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Look at these preening, publicly funded, treasonous 'pieces of work' .


From Roger (thanks!) this item of news has just surfaced, from June 2018.......the BBC traitor now spreads his influence right across the EU!

I don't recall this being reported on the BBC, but maybe it was at 11.25 pm, one summer evening - when the nation was asleep!

EBU - European Broadcasting Union....no, I hadn't heard of it, either! Shows you how they are quietly building an Empire - out of sight! Own Radio, Armed Forces, Satellite Navigation from Space to monitor cars, lorries, ships trains and boats everywhere - and we are paying for it!

EBU - European Broadcasting Union - Look at all the companies which support it.....
European Broadcasting Union (EBU) | WorldDAB Members | WorldDAB
European Broadcasting Union (EBU) EBU gathers the public service media organisations of Europe helping broadcasters make smart strategic and operational choices to produce and deliver better content to more devices.

Also, Bill Gates has just opened an EU office in Berlin, his NGO funds BBC world service, as does the FCO.
...its second in Europe following the establishment of its London office in 2010. The Berlin office will allow the foundation to deepen its partnerships with the German government and other institutions... “Berlin has become a hub for policy makers, civil society and researchers from all over the world that engage in global development...

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