"The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism." - Ted Gunderson,

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Technology & Technical information:
Targeting Technology

There are 5 types of technology being used in the targeting:
        (1)  Smart Meters
        (2)  Microwave Satellites
        (3)  Cell Towers
        (4)  Drones
        (5)  Portable units

(1)  Smart Meters
The smart meters are readily controlled from a remote location, which allows the government criminals to harass an individual with plausible deniability. This is one of the first steps taken against a new Targeted Individual. The microwave signal is transmitted thru all of the household wiring.  If you are exposed to microwaves coming from all directions, the first possible solution -  is to switch off certain circuit breakers at the breaker box.

(2)  Satellites
The first microwave attack satellites were launched under President Reagan's Star Wars program (SDI) in 1987.  These satellites were designed to disable ICBM nuclear missiles during the ascent phase.  Tracking frequencies used are 3600 - 3750 MHz, and the attack signal is 3920 - 3935 MHz.  FCC frequency allocation tables, confirm the use of these frequencies.  These satellites and frequencies are now being used against Targeted Individuals.  The tracking signal has an accuracy better than 1 centimeter, and the GPS coordinates can be relayed to a cell tower or drone for additional targeting. These tracking signals come from a satellite that is directly overhead.
https://www.rlighthouse.com/technology-for-tis.html .

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