New parties to distract the masses

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New parties to distract the masses
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:22:56 AM »
 New parties to distract the masses
It is no surprise to those who can fathom the script out where we are heading in political terms. Yesterdays 'decision' for 7 remain mp's to split from the labour party is no surprise (some have been saying for a long time that the labour party does not exist these days as it more resembles the communist party). The labour party hides under the workers banner but could not care less for the british people. This FAR LEFT communist organisation wants to further ruin old blighty and any englishman voting for them (other than for kate hoey) insults those who died for our freedom, not that we have much nowadays. Anti semitism is not allowed but being totally anti british is fine and promoted, especially by third party organisations like hope not hate, unite union etc etc.
George Soros and his billions (paid for by us mere mortals) has much to do with keeping us in the eu. He is behind the progression of boats coming from africa to old europe flooding us all with undesirables and breaking down nations. He and his cohorts like war criminal Tony Blair are likely setting up a new centrist anti brexit party and I'm sure this is why we now have a new independent group of remain mp's. Look out for other remain mps from other parties now joining this group. On the flip side we have charlatan farage who is hoodwinking patriots and creating a new brexit party. You can't keep an egotistical underling away from media attention. He will ofcourse be propped up by the mainstream media to act as a safety valve. It was I believe stalin who said the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. This is why there is never any real opposition to agenda led politics.
I said after standing in the 2010 general election we had already entered the post democratic era but they keep pushing elections along to keep people distracted and to believe in democracy. Back then Demos the marxist think tank created a vision for Lincolnshire 2020 (don't forget your voter I'd in Mays elections)! Maybe after the brexit shambles some now realise voting doesn't get you anywhere.
 No doubt proportional representation will eventually come but it all adds up to coalitions, split votes, chaos and more 'news.' As some have already said they will continue the brexit scam to atleast 2020 until the lisbon treaty is brought into force.  Old britain will then have been totally consumed as patriots die off being replaced by brainwashed youths. Britains old military will be unified with the eu and the mini police will be a bit older gradually becoming community leaders keeping order. The Bilderberg group and the 'international rules based order' will never allow us out of the eu by politics and voting. Harassing treasonous mp's will get you arrested by the thought police under a public order offence as has just happened to a chap who rightly shouted at remain mp anna soubry.
 Walking round a zoo today I wondered if we'll see white brits in cages on display in the future as endangered species!

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