Zombie rat CYBORGS controlled by the human MIND in ‘Frankenstein’ tests .

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SCIENTISTS have created mind-controlled rats that can be directed through a maze by the power of human thought.

Researchers implanted micro-electrodes to the rat's brain and connected it to the brain of a human volunteer who was hooked up to a computer.
Unbelievably, when the human 'manipulator' thought about moving their left arm, the rat turned left.

The same with the right arm.

Blinking sent signals to the rat to move forward and after continuous research with six 'cyborg rats' the scientists were able to direct the rodents through incredibly complex mazes.

Movement-related thoughts in the mind of the manipulator sent signals to the computer, which then translated those signals into instructions and sent them to the brain of the rat.

The team at Zhejiang University first started with just a few tubes and then moved on to something to intricate designs with tight turns and multiple levels.
https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8490580/zombie-rat-cyborgs-controlled-by-the-human-mind-in-frankenstein-tests-are-steered-through-maze-in-bizarre-experiments/ .

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