Waging the Battle for Your Health Against Targeted Individual “No Touch Torture”

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Personally, I have tried everything in the book hoping to shield from Directed Energy Weapon health deteriorating “Electronic Assaults.”  A few years ago in the ongoing search, I stumbled on ThorShield.  The company that makes the material, which is silver infused conductive material, ThorShield, is marketed as the only material capable of blocking non-lethal weapons, tasers, etc., the advertisement reads:

“ThorShield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is the most effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons on the market today.

ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric ensuring the electrical current conducts through the fabric versus your body, and can be integrated into body armor and all garments such as jackets, gloves or uniforms…”

However, ThorShield in only available to military and law enforcement personnel and this is who are using the energy weapons and it designed specifically for their protection.

Without a doubt, this material has benefit within the hope for Targeted Individual protection.  However, it must be considered as with many reported products, that eventually any effective material, will have to address the capability of those at the helm of energy weapon systems and devices to increase the power of the beamed focus which many target’s report automatically happens.
https://youarenotmybigbrother.blog/2015/04/12/waging-the-battle-for-your-health-against-targeted-individual-no-touch-torture-directed-energy-weapon-attacks-with-supplements/?fbclid=IwAR2Ahxb1gG-VzUprh5S3OE5cbShFkiNsr_s78wMRPUasVB4JIY5-xybY5tw .

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