Brexit briefing

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Brexit briefing
« on: March 07, 2019, 10:27:02 AM »
Brexit Briefing
The Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign's daily update
Dear S,
Geoffrey Cox and Stephen Barclay held talks in Brussels yesterday, and the talks ended without an agreement. Cox has said that we are now "into the meat of the matter" and "both sides have exchanged robust strong views". Make of that what you will, but unless both sides agree a text, Theresa May will not be in Brussels on Sunday.
Sky News reported last night that the "Government will slash Britain's trade tariffs to more than at any point in history if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal". It is reported that the Department for International Trade would cut 80-90 per cent of all tariffs, with some tariffs cut completely.
Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, has said that no deal is better than May's deal. He has signed a joint letter to the Daily Telegraph with another 33 academics and business leaders. In it they say:
"The Withdrawal Agreement is disastrous. It ties us to European Union rules without any say in drawing them up or any possibility of independent arbitration. New trade agreements would be restricted.
“We would continue to pay £10 billion a year. There would be no control over EU migration. There would be no tangible benefits to show from Brexit.
“The backstop is equally bad. It binds us to EU standards and regulations, including limits on state aid. Unelected committees will manage relations between the United Kingdom and the EU, without accountability to Parliament, voters, our courts, or even international legal arbitration".
They end the letter by saying:
"The Government should propose a binding undertaking to begin free trade negotiations after leaving, and in the meantime accept side deals already offered by the EU. If this offer is refused, we should leave with side deals alone and with no transition period: “WTO Plus”.
"The Government and the House of Commons must follow a firm and rational policy serving the national interest. The current Withdrawal Agreement does not do this. Nor do deceptive tactics to sabotage Brexit, which undermine our economic future and threaten national stability and cohesion".
Click here to read the letter in full.
There was also an excellent article in yesterday's Telegraph from Christopher Gill, our former chairman and president. Christopher notes that the Prime Minister's biggest mistake was taking no deal off the table. He says:"Theresa May blew her best opportunity to go down in history as a popular and successful Prime Minister when she allowed her own personal prejudices to stand in the way of a clean Brexit. The PM compounded her difficulties by calling an unnecessary General Election and is now in great danger of throwing away the opportunity to redeem herself by failing to live up to her own oft-repeated words, and the views of millions of Britons - that ‘no deal’ really is better than a bad deal".
Click here to read it.
Meanwhile there are just 23 days left until we are due to the leave the European Union. Tick, tock.
Have a good day

Andrew Allison
Head of Campaigns, The Freedom Association                                                                                                                               

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