I’m in France reporting on migrants sneaking into the UK — and one attacked my c

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Dear N,
The migrants in France are angry.
They want to get into the UK, but the English Channel stops them.
So they sneak into the back of lorries going through the Channel Tunnel and ferries.
Or they get into little rafts and sail over — from the same beaches on Normandy that the Allies landed on to liberate Europe on D-Day. Now they use those same beaches to invade the UK.
I wanted to talk to the migrants to hear from them. But they immediately threatened us. We retreated to our car. But as we drove away, two migrants came out to attack our car, and a third was tracking us.
Watch this video to see for yourself:
They kicked the car, thumped the windows, and tried opening the doors. We caught some of it on camera as we sped away.
When the French authorities shut down the so-called Calais Jungle refugee camp, the crime moved to Paris and other less known French ports. One of those small ports is Ouistreham. That's where my car was attacked.
I went to Ouistreham and Calais to report on the migrant crisis and its effect on Europe and the United Kingdom. You can watch all my reports at RebelFrance.com. I'll have a few more videos coming throughout the week.
This type of reporting is quite inexpensive — train tickets and hotels are cheap. But we’ve spent thousands of dollars on a UK ex-armed forces security team to accompany us as we meet with human traffickers and criminal gangs. That’s the hard part. And had we not had a three-man team — one escorting me, one going ahead to scout things out, and one ready with the car — there’s no telling what would have happened to us.
I’ve got more videos to come about my experiences in Calais and Ouistreham. You can see all of the videos at RebelFrance.com.
And if you can please help me cover the cost of security. Unlike the BBC state broadcaster, or larger corporate media, we’re 100% crowdfunded — we need your help to cover our security costs, which will run into the thousands.
If you are able to contribute to help cover our security costs, please click here — thank you.

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