Today is Commonwealth Day. But does anyone care

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Today is Commonwealth Day. But does anyone care
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:16:59 PM »
Today, being the second Monday in March, is Commonwealth Day. But does anyone care?
Well you should. With twice as many countries and four times the population as the EU the Commonwealth is a pertinent reminder that the World is a much bigger place than as seen through EU blinkers. Commonwealth countries want to work together for a better future for all. The Commonwealth Games, the “friendly games” is a good example. Commonwealth policy is for the better off countries to help the less well off through trade, not aid. Commonwealth studies have shown there are reduced cost when trading countries are both Commonwealth Countries. But does anyone care?
Well UKIP should. But rather than promote the Commonwealth as an ideal means of demonstrating the benefits of leaving the EU, such as during the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London, it has studiously avoided the beneficial opportunity. But does anybody care?
Well we all should. Presenting the advantages of the Commonwealth would be a positive and enlightening contrast to the negative moaning about BREXIT going wrong.
But hey-ho, as the EU goes into terminal decline dragging the UK with it there are 52 other countries whom I am sure would be happy to have you as immigrants.
Respectfully, Alan Wheatley

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