Is WiFi Technology Hurting Your Brain Health? .

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Is WiFi Technology Hurting Your Brain Health? .
« on: March 12, 2019, 06:17:36 PM »

Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Brain Health?

Your brain health is important. So is your smartphone. As WiFi technology advances, more of us are owning these devices, with an estimated 5.07 billion mobile phone users by 2019. While better connections is one of the main benefits of smartphones and wireless technology, there are also many negatives too.

From health concerns about the increasing risk of brain tumours…to problems with male fertility. Researchers are rightly concerned about the impact this wireless technology can have – especially on your brain health.  And your health in general.

Latest scientific findings indicate how common brain and nervous system damage from cell phone use is. Cell phone use confirms that they can cause reproductive and immune harm, plus impairment of vision and hearing. .

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