Withdrawal Agreement

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Withdrawal Agreement
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:14:37 PM »
Dear Mr Sturdy.
 I write  once again on the prospect of this (WA) being debated and voted on for a third time on Tuesday.   I'm sure you will understand how important and critical a considered vote will be.
I note from the Hansard record that you have voted once against the WA and once for it, a contradictory position given that it had not been altered meanwhile.
I now forward to you for your consideration an excellent  summary of the implications of the WA given by Sir John Redwood, a well informed and highly respected MP on his blog today.

The Withdrawal Agreement is a deliberate expensive delay. It means we do not take back control of our laws, or our money or our borders for at least 21 months, and probably for 45 months under the extension built into it. That would take us well beyond the next General election, and would mean no Brexit for six and half years from the referendum!  Remain forces would be then be arguing the referendum was out of date and we have to just accept staying in. It also means trying to negotiate our eventual way out under duress, with the EU pocketing all they want in the Withdrawal Agreement and likely to demand even more sacrifices for little in return. There would also be the backstop, likely  to keep us in the customs union in perpetuity.

You will know that of course this WA is not a "withdrawal" agreement at all, but rather a "remain" document which would consign the UK to a humiliating vassal status within the EU for years to come.  Also, unprecedented in international law treaties, entirely without any provision for a unilateral termination on the part of the UK.

The facts have been well rehearsed and no further comment is needed, except to remind you that your constituents will expect their Conservative MPs to honour the clear manifesto commitment made by Mrs May, yourself,  and your party,  and since repeated (over 100 times by Mrs May herself).

Any vote for the WA on this occasion will have dire consequences as it would be completely unacceptable to the British electorate as expressed in the 2016 referendum, and if passed would open the certain prospect of extreme political confrontation, probably a long and determined civil disobedience campaign,  and not least very costly economic consequences for many years to come.  Do you really want that?

Finally, I need hardly remind you that constituents will take very  careful note as to how their MPs vote on this treacherous surrender document and register their response at the ballot box accordingly. 
Yours sincerely

Graham W.

c.c.  Mr Matthew Freckelton.  Chairman York Conservatives

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