5G Radiation Dangers – The Definitive Guide

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5G Radiation Dangers – The Definitive Guide
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:37:50 PM »
My hope that this can be the definitive source for information about the danger that 5G radiation will bring to the world as it continues to be rolled out in the future.

I will be continually updating this resource as I learn more and as more information is released to the public. However, if you feel that there is anything significant missing from this article, please comment below so that I can look into it, and add it if needed.

Although at the time of writing this, 5G is being tested in some markets, it is far from being fully released.

Some telecom companies mention that they hope to have it available by sometime this year (2019). However, even if that is the case, it will likely be years later before it has the majority market share.

The increased radiation danger will be a result of both the new technologies and the dramatic new landscape of infrastructure that 5G will require.

We’ll get to all of this, but before we do, I wanted to provide you with the structure of this article. If you click on any of the links in the table of contents, it will jump you straight to that section.
Why Will 5G Radiation Be Dangerous? – A Summary
The current portion of the radio frequency spectrum used by 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE (what we currently have) is crowded, and will not be able to support the sheer quantity of devices coming online every day.

That means that 5G will utilize millimeter waves in the 30-300 gigahertz frequency, which hasn’t been used in the past. These higher frequencies have short wavelengths and are categorically more dangerous.

The shorter wavelengths also do not travel as far, or as well through objects. This means that 5G will require hundreds of thousands of small cell towers to compensate. You’ll likely see small micro-cell towers on street signs, light poles, on the sides of buildings, on homes, and just about anywhere else the telecom companies can legally place them.

So, not only will it be a much higher frequency, shorter wavelength form of electromagnetic radiation, it will also be in much closer proximity, increasing our exposure and the danger.

Remember the inverse square law of physics. This law essentially states that as we double our distance from a source of EMF radiation, we quarter our exposure to it. This concept means that distance gives us exponential protection.

With the current 4G LTE networks, we can simply use resources to locate cell towers and choose our homes accordingly. This will likely be near impossible in the future with the sheer proliferation of 5G cell towers.
https://emfacademy.com/5g-radiation/?fbclid=IwAR2heE_HvOAe3WGcdQiFORwjw0bfTPqzr69c99W5MU-CwAiZc7OzIDDJT0M .

Spreading The Truth .
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