Part 2 Targeted DEW, Neuropathic Pain and Tracking .

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Part 2 Targeted DEW, Neuropathic Pain and Tracking .
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:32:41 PM »
29  November  2019  .

Targeted for War Games in Control and Predictability of Human Behaviour. Modern brain research has entered a phase where humans can intercept the thoughts of other humans. This startling fact is made even more distressing when we look at the secrecy surrounding the mere fact that this is even possible. Today, perhaps thousands of Americans and others around the globe commonly known as Targeted Individuals are being tracked, their ever word, thought, sight, sound, and emotion recorded in a permanent record that is being compiled as a database and fed into supercomputers with the primary purpose of the control and predictability of human behaviour. The so-called Ti's are actually Victims of Involuntary Technology Interface, of V I TI's because our entire bodies have been hacked .

In this video I describe the three parts of the Remote Neural Monitoring process which involves connectivity, monitoring, and behavioural influencing. I explain how these perpetrators use the blanket trust of all Americans to connect human brain to computer interfaces in a system that can only be described as Human Control and Predictability Mind Games and avoid public scrutiny. There is a Part 1, which covers all Targeting Phases including Gang Stalking, and electronic attacks. Please go to my channel for my main video on the R N M  process when explains the entire Targeting process from start to finish and while you are there, please like and share . .

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