The acquis communautaireis, the whole body of EU law all member states including

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All questions are answered here about alleged EU supremacy.This is what our MPs think is true.
This document might help in answering any queries about subterfuge and imposition of EU Law.
There does not seem to be mention of the sovereignty of the people, unsurprisingly.

How to cite:Mcconalogue, James (2018). The ‘rule of the recognised helm’: How does European Union membership impact upon UK Parliamentary sovereignty? PhD thesis The Open University.
The highest form of law is the Treaties themselves which not only set out the “constitution of the EU”and deal with substantive issues but a number of competences which provide for rights directly effective in the UK’s and all other national legal systems in the EU (Bradley and Ewing, 2010, p.129).

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4 Acknowledgements Firstly, I would like to wholeheartedly thank my supervision team at the Open University, Dr. Richard Heffernan, Dr. Georgina Blakeley and also Dr. Raia Prokhovnik during my

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