Letter to Cressida Dick-Religious Intolerance

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Letter to Cressida Dick-Religious Intolerance
« on: April 01, 2019, 11:25:20 AM »
Cressida Dick                                                                                   Albert Burgess
Commissioner of the Metropolis                                                      15 Parliament Road
New Scotland Yard                                                                           Thame
Victoria Embankment                                                                       South Oxfordshire
London                                                                                              OX9 3TE
SW1A 2JL                                                                                        28th March 2019
Your Ref 01/CO/10/000589
My Ref   Religious intolerance
The height of stupidity is to think you are cleverer and more intelligent than the enemy. I am still waiting for you to prove the existence of indigenous rape gangs in England which you said we have had for centuries. There are two basic requirements the constable needs (1) intelligence (2) honesty you appear to be lacking in both. Firstly the clear and obvious untruth you told in your answer to the London Assembly when you stated we have had rape gangs in this country for centuries, my own research into this claim has not produced a single positive result. For anyone in public office to lie constitutes misconduct in public office at common law. So I would suggest you substantial your assertion we have had rape gangs in England for centuries. I have no qualms about sending you to prison, indeed I took an oath to do just that if necessary.
Now let us come to the letter I received from DCI Mason your staff officer I quote him when he wrote. “The Met Police monitor terrorist incidents across the world and respond based on an assessment of potential risks to London” I find it difficult to accept the logic of protecting every Mosque in London based on terrorist activity around the world. From my observations of reports on terrorist activity around the world it has all been instigated by Muslims.
In London alone the bus bombing was Muslim, the underground bombing was Muslim, the murder of Lee Rigby was Muslim, the incident outside the Palace of Westminster which ably demonstrated the cowardice of Craig MacKey was Muslim. Add to that the nationwide Islamic rape gangs where our children are raped and prostituted on an industrial scale, another form of terrorism. Yet when the Met mention terrorists not once do you mention Islamic terrorists, yet with every breath you talk about right wing terrorists. This is just another lie falling from the lips of senior police officers.
What you call right wing terrorists the rest of the country calls loyal subjects of her Majesty’s who are patriots. Patriot is not a word the police services of today recognise as you spend every waking hour telling us Islam is a religion of peace when in fact it is not a religion but an evil Satanic death cult. The Metropolitan Police have the world lead on slavery, it might have escaped your notice but the most prolific slavers world wide are Muslims.
You have in the Met approximately 28000 police officers in London, in London alone there are probably 8.5 million at a conservative estimate just under half today are indigenous to this Kingdom. You cannot be unaware of the frustration growing over a treasonous and criminal Parliament, and a police service which refuses to arrest politicians for any sort of crime whilst giving preferential treatment to Islam.
When the indigenous population finally reach breaking point they will walk all over the police who they now see more as an enemy than the friend they should be. When not if this happens it will first be the politicians in a corrupt Parliament they go for and if the police attempt to stop them you will die with the politicians next will be Islam and the streets will run with blood. And this will spread nationwide. As her Majesty’s subjects do what the law allows and they take this Kingdom back by force for her Majesty? And it will be fully legal if you doubt that you have some reading to do.
Now consider this a freedom of information request.
(1)   How many officers have you allocated to guarding Mosques?
(2)   What is the cost to the taxpayer of guarding Mosques?
(3)   How long is it proposed to leave these officers standing outside Mosques?
(4)   Why when there is clear evidence Christians worldwide are being murdered by Muslims and the number of Muslims if any are murdered by Christians do you consider guarding Mosques is a good use of police time and public money.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess                                               
hard copy to follow
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James my FOI  request is as I said in the email coming by snail mail I expect answer to the FOI questions I pose, along withy the information from the Commissioner on these mythical indigenous rape gangs she claims we have had for centuries?  Albert
The cheeky individual, he already has the request in his sticky little hand. Trying to play sleight of hand is just disrespectful.

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