Pre-crime Technology in Minneapolis Homes .

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Pre-crime Technology in Minneapolis Homes .
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:30:29 PM »
Pre-crime Technology in Minneapolis Homes .

The world has entered a new age  in criminality, an era in which common murders and thieves have become less perils to society than  new age criminals who use technology to commit their crimes. The main aim of any criminal is A) to get an easy target and B) to get away without punishment. Technology can both be the medium to commit bias motivated crime and vehicle to get away from the victim. It provides a means as well as barrier. This gets more complicated if hate crime offenders infiltrate law enforcement as crime can be easily covered up without forensic traces .

The FBI defines a bias motivated crime as  criminal offence committed against a person, property or society which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender   bias against a race, religion,  disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin .

American society is diverse and US laws protect against bias motivated crimes. American society is society based on clear and certain truths intended for all citizens and communities and stated in the Declaration of Independence  certain rights that are unalienable such as the right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness .

A good example of  new age crime would be organised crime syndicates following their business competitors and victims via the internet to commit crime by infiltrating law enforcement and local municipalities. Public-Private Partnerships sometimes evaluate deployment of vendor  technology in an operational environment within a State or local law enforcement agency. These Public-Private Partnerships abuse minorities as subjects for their evaluation of equipment without compensation and that amounts to bias motivated crime. These Public-Private Partnerships are open to loop holes and corruption. Another example of  new age crime  would be overseas organised crime following their victims from overseas to America to destroy business competition .

The items to be tested for spy ware vendors include wireless ear piece, eyelash camera and because of serendipity the robotic system in 610 E 15th St, MPLS. The subject person becomes property of the vendor. The vendor will always monitor its secret gadgets like the ear piece (spy ware that   implantable in ears).  Russians become translators and operators for the ear piece, camera and robotic system. The Russian immigrants or Soviet Émigré have taken advantage of the Public-Private Partnerships and commit bias motivated crimes on US soil .

The only option for the vendors to shut down the operation is to pay out the subject or conspire to demonise him. Vendors hope that, like in MINORITY REPORT, some PRE-CRIME department will arrest/kill him in violation of the constitution. For this purpose the vendors collude with local informants and set up a website to follow the story of the subject person. These informants and visitors of the website harass the subject whenever they see him.

The vendors of Minnesota State and Local law enforcement in Minneapolis have violated the US constitution by installing neurological brain scanners in people  homes without their knowledge. They targeted the most defenceless of all the citizens   namely the disabled and refugees for this human experimentation without consent. These scanners are part of the construction and hard to discover. By using software that  open to manipulation these scanners can read people  intentions or inner voices before they act, thus detecting whether or not a person has  hostile intent  . .

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