Experts warn about harmful side effects of 5G, which requires 20,000 satellites

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'You can try to run, but you certainly wont  be able to hide from the devastating impact of 5 G (fifth generation) wireless communications technology, should the tech cabal successfully complete its planned roll out over the next several years .

According to reports, the scheme involves launching some 20,000 satellites into orbit, along with potentially millions of small cell towers here on the ground, in order to saturate the planet with radioactive transmission signals .

The wireless industry, of course, insists that the high-speed technology is completely safe, as does the federal government. But Dr. Sharon Goldberg, a professor and doctor of internal medicine, insists otherwise .

Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period   Dr. Goldberg stated during a recent testimony before the Senate, which you can watch on YouTube  This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-reviewed literature .

5 G causes cardiomyopathy, DNA and neuropsychiatric  damage   and cancer,   warns Dr. Goldberg .

Even with existing 3 G and 4 G wireless technologies, which are substantially weaker than 5 G portends to be, problems are widespread .

These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes   Dr. Goldberg contends .

In humans, we have clear evidence of cancer now   there is no question. We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, (and)  neuropsychiatric effects .

Nobody can yet say for sure the extent of how harmful 5 G will be until the switch is flipped. But it will be harmful, and this is precisely why Dr. Goldberg says it shouldn't  be allowed . .

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