Letter sent to John Bercow

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Letter sent to John Bercow
« on: April 01, 2019, 06:49:13 PM »
My letter to Westminster sent at 4.00a.m. 24th March, 2019.
Dear Mr Bercow,
My name is Ruth Newton, I am 57 years of age and  I live in Preston Lancashire. However, it has become more and more apparent in recent days that in your eyes and the eyes of the so called House of Westminster that I am a nobody. I am not a Politician, I am not a Celebrity, I am not a Barrister nor a Banker, I do not run a Business, I am a Mother and a housewife,I left school at Easter 1978, my reason being was that I was offered a job as a switchboard operator, something I always wanted to do and loved doing, but not because I was too thick and stupid to do anything else. The company in question couldn't wait until summer to fill the position so between myself and my parents advice I made a decision to leave school slightly earlier as I had no wish to go to college or university we felt that this was an offer I couldn't refuse. But let me make one thing very clear, far too many people like you make a judgement on someone's
 intelligence on the mere basis of whether or not they attended University, that seems to be the general trend today and the million dollar question in order to get anywhere, and seems to be the influence when making an assumption about someone's ability and capability to understand basic facts. THAT is precisely what you, every Politician within Westminster and the Media have just done to 17.5 million people in this country. You have ALL made an assumption that 17.5 million members of the British Public have absolutely no idea what their talking about, or that maybe their general level of intelligence isn't up to scratch. Well please allow me to enlighten YOU on some of the facts that the likes of you are obviously not intelligent enough to understand, either through lack of basic education which I doubt is the case, OR ignorance and arrogance, the latter being the most likely. Firstly, it seems to me personally that the Politicians have forgotten exactly who their employers are, Theresa May does not pay their wages or yours, the Queen does not pay their wages or yours, WE your employers pay your wages, the Plumbers, the Electricians, the Builders, the Cleaners, the Police, the Nurses, the Street Cleaners, the Fire Service, the Shop Assistants, the Engineers, the Bakers, the Mechanics, The Carers, the Teachers, the Doctors, the Taxi Drivers, the Lollipop Ladies, the Dinner |Ladies etc etc etc etc need i go on? all of whom are under paid and unappreciated by Westminster, yet they are your employers, they are everything this country once stood for, the backbone, the very essence of what makes this country tick and what once made this country GREAT. Those are the people you have to answer to, those are the people you have to report to, and those are the people who can sack you in a New York minute via VOTES. These are the basic facts that you and the Politicians of ALL parties have either forgotten, or chosen to ignore. If when I worked, and regardless of where I worked I continuously turned up late, or I was continuously having days off without good reason, or that I ignored my boss and did the job as I wanted to do it rather than the way he/she expected me to do it I would eventually be sacked and replaced without question. Whether or not I thought MY way was better would be completely irrelevant, as I was there to do the job  I was employed and paid to do, that's hardly rocket science, it's the way things work. So I suggest that YOU go back to Westminster, gather your herd of leaches and explain how it works. You tell THEM that at their Employers request they either do the job they are paid to do, and may I just add very well paid to do, resign, or be sacked. They must pack a bag, pick out their most comfortable walking shoes, get on a bus or a train paid for out of their own pockets and go back to their individual constituencies and knock on the doors of their Employers instead of sitting in their comfortable safe haven called Westminster, laughing, smirking, using their mobile phones or falling asleep whilst debating such serious matters. Come and speak to the people who gave you the privileges NONE of you deserve, face the music, face the backlash of your arrogant actions, look into the faces of the people who can take away those privileges just as quick as they gave them to you and without another single thought. That is what YOU Mr Bercow must tell the cheats, the liars, the corrupt arrogant politicians and as a matter of urgency. Should they choose not to take the advice of their Employers then the consequences I can assure you will be costly and will be felt for generations to come....that is the burden you and they must live with, holding you and the politicians solely responsible..its the price you pay for arrogance, betrayal and deceit. Finally, should you decide to Revoke Article 50 or continue down the road of planning a second referendum, going against the very foundations on which democracy was built and stands for, then the one thing I very personally and sadly feel is that you should then do the right and justified act of abolishing ALL commemorative events in connection with the British Legion and the people who gave their lives in both two world wars and including recent conflicts in the name of that democracy,
as to continue with such a farce, a lie and utter disloyalty would be like trampling on them whilst they lay dying in the trenches, it would be like drilling holes in the boats and crafts that took 1000's of brave young men to Normandy, in the full knowledge that they were going to die, but drowning them before they got there. It would be like spitting in their faces and sniggering at their family members left behind. A pointless act, and an act of betrayal, and all for what? The Politicians would then have no right to be seen laying wreaths at Cenotaphs across the country, or wearing poppies with pride, none of us would, we would have lost and given up that right because WE allowed the death of democracy to happen. WE would ALL be responsible for having let them down and failed them...that, being the FINAL INSULT. We the people of this country are not thick, uneducated, ignorant nor arrogant, and we are certainly not nobodies...we are driven purely by fairness, loyalty and above all passion, a passion for democracy, and once that passion is betrayed and democracy is lost, it will never be returned. That is not what I want for my Grandchild, and the thought of it breaks my heart. Democracy is priceless Mr Bercow, and that is what YOU must enforce through the will of the people and their voice. It's your job.

 Yours sincerely
 Ruth Newton.

I hope BERCOW has the guts to read this to all MPs today. I am not holding my breath.

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