Letter to the Right Hon.Earl Howe re Jeremy Corbyn

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Letter to the Right Hon.Earl Howe re Jeremy Corbyn
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:09:59 PM »
Rt Hon Earl Howe Minister of Defence                                                                                                                                                         
SW1A 2HB                                                             
United Kingdom                                                     
Ref Targets
My Lord
I  saw the ministry of defence is enquiring into soldiers using pictures of Mr Corbyn as targets. Myself I can see nothing wrong with this, we employ an army to shoot enemies of her Majesty. Mr Corbyn has said he wishes to get rid of the Royal Family, your own title relies on the Sovereign staying, without a Sovereign all titles are voided as they rely on the existance of the Sovereign. Mr Corbyns statements reference removing the Royals constitutes treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.
Far from being reprehensible to train to shoot a terrorist sympathizer and enemy of the state is commendable. These soldiers have the full support of the vast bulk of her Majesty's loyal subjects. I would like to advance an idea which could benefit the armed forces financial state. Rather than using pictures can I suggest if we stood all remain MP's in the butts and charged the public for a turn on the range you can determine the amount to charge. You can charge by the bullet plus a pre range instruction course on the weapon used.
I would suggest the targets should be secured to prevent them falling when shot this way more of her Majesty's subjects get to shoot. I believe 17.4 million shooters will come forward at a charge of £100 per shooter you will be able to afford either more men/women or better infantry weapons maybe our warships could be suppled with the missiles needed for their defence.
I  am fairly certain your venerable ancestor Admiral of the Fleet Lord Howe would approve my idea he was after all a great patriot and a firm supporter of the Monarchy.

Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess                                           

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