Democrats begin court battle to prove UK left EU

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Democrats begin court battle to prove UK left EU
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:51:41 PM »

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 Woking, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
TM is required by law & our own constitution & precedent, to get parliamentary approval by statute BEFORE any agreement to change any statute ALREADY Law, can be agreed .. TM did NOT have such approved authority to 'agree' any extension changing the ALREADY LAWFUL 'European Withdrawal Act', under which the default position quite clearly stated is - IF NO DEAL [TREATY] HAS BEEN AGREED BY 11PM GMT ON THE 29TH MARCH 2019, THEN THE UK WILL LEAVE THE EU WITH 'NO DEAL [TREATY]' UNDER WTO RULES - so, TM did NOT have authority to 'agree' ANY extension on the 22nd Mar, it means the '28th Mar' vote on the Statutory Instrument to give her such authority was AFTER THE EFFECT, therefore illegal, null & void, so in effect there was NO EXTENSION to 12 Apr [or 22 May] 2019 and therefore under the ALREADY DEFAULT POSITION - We LEFT the EU at 11pm GMT, 29th March 2019 ..We are already NOW an independent Nation under our Constitutional Law & our Statutory Legally binding 'Withdrawal Act'

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