Letter to Bercow re void vote ?

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Letter to Bercow re void vote ?
« on: April 05, 2019, 08:51:19 AM »
John Bercow MP                                                                               Albert Burgess
Speaker of the House of Commons                                                  15 Parliament Road
The House of Commons                                                                   Thame
The Palace of Westminster                                                               South Oxfordshire
London                                                                                             OX9 3TE
SW1A 0AA                                                                                      5th March 2019
Ref casting unlawful vote
Mr Speaker
The House of Commons is where all law has originated since 1420 when King Henry V granted the right to originate law to the House of Commons.
It is therefore incumbent upon the Commons House to respect the rule of law, law which originated in your House. Fiona Onasanya was found guilty in a court administering those laws of perverting the course of justice, and was sentenced to a term in prison for her crime. She was released on license and a condition of that license was that she had to be at her specified residence during certain hours. I understand she took part in a vote in the Commons and to do this she had to breach her bail conditions by being away from the court appointed address during the restricting time set by the high court. I most respectfully request that you check whether she voted in breach of her bail conditions and if she did I respectfully request you uphold the high courts terms of her release and void her vote. You have a duty to see the House of Commons is beyond reproach but I submit you have a greater duty to uphold her Majesty’s law and to support her courts in their application of the law.
Respectfully submitted.
 Albert Burgess

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