Electromagnetic Technology and Mind Control .

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Electromagnetic Technology and Mind Control .
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:36:35 PM »
This timeline will demonstrate the US government and the military industrial complex involvement and the state of the technology from several independent unclassified reliable sources. This is a sample of the sources of information on this topic. These topics need further investigation.


From Cybernetics by Norbert Weiner, Weiner is the originator of cybernetics. New York Times wrote this comment about the book. "One of the most influential books of the twentieth century... Cybernetics was judged by twenty-seven historians, economists, educators, and philosophers to be one of those books published during the "past four decades," which "most significantly altered the direction of our society..."

A quote from this book, "This existence of sharp frequencies in brain waves and the theories which I gave to explain how they are originated, what they can do, and what medical use may be made of them represent in my mind an important and new breakthrough in physiology. Similar ideas can be used in many other places in physiology and can make a real contribution to the study of the fundamentals of life phenomena."

The book further states: "The neclkeus of our meetings has been the group that had assembled in Princeton in 1944, but Drs. McCulloch and Fremont-Smith have rightly seen the psychological and sociological implications of the subject and have co-opted into the group a number of leading psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists. The need of including psychologists had indeed been obvious from the beginning. He who studies the nervous system cannot forget the mind, and he who studies the mind cannot forget the nervous system.

Weiner also writes, "I had known for a considerable time that if a national emergency should come, my function in it would be determined largely by two things: my close contact with the program of computing machines developed by Dr. Vannevar Bush, and my own joint work with Dr. Yuk Wing Lee on the design of electric networks.
http://mindjustice.org/timeline.htm?fbclid=IwAR2jHsgaMmLgFvluzeUfDrsC29XjjrZAmx3AzTNaKpDtQhMNN7FnSdOorvU .

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