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« on: April 08, 2019, 09:00:57 PM »
Modern-day Mind Control is not a process for controlling the mind. It is a group of programs and systems designed to remotely intercept and monitor human thought, compile those thoughts into an individually personalized data set including tendencies, and inclinations; then build a behavioral pattern recognition algorithm designed to predict that individual’s future actions. Imagine the absolute power in the ability to know what any human being on the planet is thinking, and then be able to predict what they person will do next. That type of information is an insurmountable advantage for whomever possesses it. The UNITED STATES Government has that technology and it is operational and fully deployed today.
I am a lifetime human test subject, most recently in this Remote Neural Monitoring and Behavior Modification Testing Program. There are likely thousands of us.  The Propaganda term for these human test subjects is Targeted Individuals. I avoid that term because it is clear to me that it was likely started by the same people who use us as their test subjects. The words “Targeted Individual” naturally lends itself to someone that needed to be watched, without saying it.  It fits naturally into operators’ and normal citizens’ most obvious questions, “Why do you think that they picked you?”  The answer to that question can skillfully paint the victim into a self-assessment box of exploring what they may have done wrong.  The fact is, what they did wrong has little to do with it, until one of their normal human flaws are exploited to create a narrative that fits the programs goals of discrediting them. If the victim has a weakness, they will stop at nothing to exploit it; to turn our own accepted flaw into the programs most potent weapon against us.  Please watch the video to better understand this complicated maze of deceit. .

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