Unconventional Civil-Military Psy-War Information War Operations .

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From Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde’s “Bright Light on Black Shadows”
E T K  Instruction: I have reproduced Dr. Rauni Kilde’s chapter 18 here because it is an instruction manual for community gang stalkers. These same techniques, and perhaps this same manual, were evidently also used in the FBI’s COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program) and Operation Gladio/Stay Behind Operations in Europe between about 1950 and 1990. They also accurately describe the U.S. Military-Intelligence’s ongoing, global gang stalking operations as documented in “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” by Mark M. Rich (2011). All these top-secret operations went on, officially undetected, for decades; Gladio/Stay Behind functioned secretly and illegally throughout Europe for four decades, when it was exposed in 1990 by Italian Prime Minister Andriotti. Shortly thereafter, the European Parliament made a resolution condemning Gladio (see Appendix 1), but acknowledged that it may still be operational ! .
https://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/manual-for-organized-gang-stalking-operations-and-fbis-cointelpro-operation-gladio-nato-stay-behind-armies-and-ongoing-global-u-s-military-civil-military-psy-war-operations/?fbclid=IwAR0drsgqpBi9R5YB0I3b3pXqIDvWfX6eiqzB3T0In2zTdndDvrwT73daN0E .

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