Another GROUNDBREAKING Legal Case planned over EU membership!

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Another GROUNDBREAKING Legal Case planned over EU membership! Unity News Network 3 days ago
We have just received the following correspondence, we will be speaking with those behind this and bringing you further information as and when we can:
Dear Unity News Network,
The bad news is that currently as you will know, we now have a Brexit delay until 31/10/19 thanks to the despicable efforts of the Remain PM, MPs etc and even then that is just to either get her capitulation deal through or just kill off Brexit! However, the good news is that we, The People’s Brexit are, hopefully together with Robin Tilbrook, intending to take legal action against both the Government and the EU! This would be the next legal action in line from Robin’s current case regarding the legality of the Article 50 extension, the details of which we know you are very aware of and he is currently very busy with this. With our legal action we are not just demanding Brexit (if we do not already have it from 29th March as a result of Robin’s current case) but we are also demanding COMPENSATION AND FULL CO-OPERATION FROM THE EU!!
We have seen the great work that you have done promoting Robin and his case and we feel that when you publicise details of our legal action it will put Robin’s back in the spotlight and encourage more support for him. Ours can be promoted as the next step that can be taken whatever the verdict of Robin’s as it is on how we were illegally forced into the EU in the first place and once the People understand about it there will be much support, especially as we are demanding compensation and co-operation from the EU in addition to special terms (WTO ++). We know for a fact that the Government are extremely worried about our legal action as they do not have a leg to stand on and they are currently burying their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away!
We are Lawyers who specialise in Constitutional Law, political history and research and we have been extensively researching over the last 6 months the Legality and Legitimacy of the UK membership of the EEC/EU mainly from Hansard which as you may be aware is the official Parliamentary written record. This was not previously possible to do in this manner as it has only recently been available on line. We have a lot of information on our website and we have written a book of our findings, Brexit: The Heath and EEC Conspiracy – The Truth in Brief, available on Amazon. This is designed as a quick and easy read to bring people up to speed with how exactly the UK ended up in the corrupt, evil EU. The conclusion from our findings is that the UK is in the EU on an Illegal, Unconstitutional and Undemocratic basis based on the actions of past politicians such as Edward Heath and Harold Wilson and the EEC/EU and consequently the UK membership of the EU can be considered NULL AND VOID!
As much as this sounds like a dream we can assure you that this is deadly serious! In fact it is so unbelievable that we are finding it hard to spread our message as all of this was done in secret behind the closed doors of Parliament and we would be grateful if you can spread the message to all Brexiteers. We also have the problem that we are being targeted by Remain and their lawyers who have already tried and failed to close down our Twitter account over a joke we told about Remain
MPs! The very fact that they went to so much trouble over ONE joke shows how worried they are about our research findings and Campaign! We have a lot of rapidly growing support in Parliament amongst members of the ERG AND CABINET, who are waiting for the People to support our Campaign and legal action. So far we have written twice to the PM officially asking her to recognise in Parliament these illegal actions and received no reply. We are also in contact with both Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten and are hoping that both the Brexit Party and UKIP will adopt the Illegality and Illegitimacy of the UK membership of the EU as their main cause for Brexit.
This really is the Achilles Heel of May and the EU! We now need to get the People focused on how we actually got into the EU in the first place, it is NEVER mentioned certainly not by May, the Government or the Remain Establishment who have white washed it and hidden the truth over all these years and we need to start educating the People on this! That is where you can help us most by putting all of this under the microscope and not focusing on how we get out in accordance with EU dictated terms FOCUS ON HOW WE GOT IN AND THE LIES AND DECEPTION USED AGAINST THE PEOPLE, UK LAW AND DEMOCRACY!!!
Also this gives the Brexit movement a CAUSE TO GET JUSTICE! Previously we were just saying we wanted Brexit because we wanted it! This was reinforced by the majority of the People voting for Brexit in the 2016 Referendum. However, Remain can and have said that this was merely an ‘opinion poll’ and that a lot of voters have changed their minds since etc! We can destroy the so called ‘people’s vote’ otherwise known as the losers’ second try as we actually now have a CAUSE AND JUSTIFICATION FOR BREXIT!
Further to our legal action, we would be very grateful to enlist your help and support with this and now attach a fact sheet detailing the legal action we will be taking against both the Government and the EU for your information. We have listed 20 legal arguments against the
Government and 8 against the EU, however we have many others that are just as important that we are holding back for now! Please can you read it carefully as we are sure you will find it very interesting and share it with your followers and supporters and help us with our Campaign and legal action and help us to not only save Brexit but to get compensation and EU co-operation for the UK! Also if we play this in the right way there is every chance the EU will implode as the People of Germany were not even given a Referendum on actually founding the EEC in the first place!
This is our best and possibly only chance to get Brexit and get a fantastic deal for the UK!
Yours sincerely,
Charles Green

Also submitted was the following that will be of interest to you:
We are The People’s Brexit and we are a Campaign and Research Group and experts in Constitutional Law and political history and we have proven that the UK is in the EU Illegally, Unconstitutionally and Undemocratically and that the UK was forced into the EEC/EU by Edward Heath signing the Treaty of Accession to the EEC on 22/1/72 in collusion with the EEC and against the will of the People and Parliament and even his own Cabinet and Government! This exploited UK and International Law and a legal loophole in the Unwritten Constitution which made UK MEMBERSHIP OF THE EEC/EU NULL AND VOID!!
It is the corrupt EU and the politicians such as Heath that are responsible for the mess we are in today and the British People literally have to pay for the sins of the corrupt!
Why are we letting the EU dictate to us again? We voted to Leave in the Referendum of 2016 but the toxic Remain majority in Parliament are still denying Democracy! The 29th March 2019 was supposed to be BREXIT and Freedom from EU Day and we COULD have left with No Deal but we were betrayed!!
We are still being dictated to by the European Union and we are currently going by THEIR terms to leave and we have been brainwashed into doing this by the Remain Establishment. We owe it to ourselves and to those who fought for this country to fight this and to take back our Sovereignty which was given away illegally and leave with Brexit on OUR terms (WTO ++) and to be COMPENSATED for this injustice! We intend to fight for this in the Courts against the Government and the EU and need your help and support with our Campaign for Justice and Democracy for the People of the UK and for our past Generations too!!
These are just some of the main legal arguments although there are many more!
1) PM Edward Heath signing the Treaty of Accession to the EEC on 22/1/72 was Ultra Vires (beyond his legal powers) and against the Rule of Law as he did not have a Mandate from either the People, Parliament or even his own Government and Cabinet.
2) Joining the EEC was in breach of the Constitutional doctrine that one Parliament may not bind another Parliament.
3) Heath illegally surrendered the Sovereignty of the People by joining the EEC without their approval and against the will of over 83% of the population.
4) At the point of Heath signing the Treaty of Accession to the EEC it represented taxation without representation by a foreign power as the European Parliament was not in existence. There is also the issue of taxation by a foreign power in perpetuity without public consent which is contrary to the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta.
5) Heath was in breach of his 1970 General Election Manifesto pledges as he only promised to only negotiate and to actually join the EEC had not been foreshadowed (stated) in it.
6) Heath illegally used the Royal Prerogative as his authority to sign the Treaty of Accession.
7) Heath’s Ministers illegally used the obscure and now discredited ‘Ponsonby Rule’ to justify the fact that the Treaty of Accession was not laid before Parliament and published
as a White Paper before signing as should have been done under the Constitutional precedent of the NATO Treaty.
8) Heath abused the whole Constitution and Parliament to create a legal loophole to circumvent the law based on the fact that this was a Treaty and there was little in the way of existing legal precedent regarding Treaties. Heath also exploited the fact that there was an Unwritten Constitution in the UK unlike most other countries.
9) Heath and the two Prime Ministers before him (Macmillan and Wilson) refused all demands for a Referendum or General Election upon entry. In fact Tony Benn had an Act in place that would permit a Referendum upon joining at any time until 1/1/73. In the end the People had no vote at all from June 1970 until the General Election of February 1974 and even then it was the same three pro-EEC main Party leaders as 1970 to choose from, stifling democracy.
10) Heath’s White Paper of June 1971 (Cmnd 4715) was filled with lies, misleading and omissions on crucial issues such as the massive legal, sovereignty and constitutional implications. He and his Government illegally relied upon the 1967 White Paper on Constitutional Law produced by the Labour Government that was outdated, he crucially did not produce one of his own. He further used illegal methods to distribute a shortened version of his White Paper and the fact that he distributed it all was illegal as it had not been approved by Parliament at that stage.
11) Heath forced and won a meaningful vote on 28/11/71 by using bribery, pay roll votes, lies, misleading, threats etc. He did not include any terms about Fisheries claiming they were not concluded as he knew he would lose the vote when it was discovered how poor they were. He then falsely used his majority in this vote as the basis to commit to sign the Treaty.
12) Heath signed up a democratic county, the UK, to an undemocratic organisation, the EEC, that had links with countries that at that time were fascist.
13) Heath illegally took over the final stages of negotiations of the Labour Government and was able to use this fact to counteract arguments from the Opposition. Also capitulation terms on everything were accepted as a result of being in such a weak bargaining position. Nothing was requested in the way of special terms as other countries had received and a strict interpretation of the terms was adopted to further shackle the People. Extortionate contributions were agreed to be paid to the EEC budget which adversely affected the UK economy throughout the 1970s onwards.
14) Heath and his Ministers claimed that the Treaty was a merely a ‘draft’ at the time of signing when clearly it was not! They also falsely claimed that the Treaty could be altered when it in fact it could not be.
15) Most of Heath’s own Ministers had not even seen the Treaty before it was signed let alone his back bench MPs or the Opposition.
16) There were 42 volumes of over 2,500 Regulations, 10 volumes of Treaties and thousands of Statutory Instruments, most of which had not even been translated let alone read, this all had to be adopted into the law as at 1/1/73. There was no mention of this in Heath’s White Paper and MPs only received the 42 volumes one week before the Treaty was signed.
17) The European Communities Act 1972 was railroaded through by Heath’s abuse of Parliament. The second reading was passed by just 8 votes after the entire Government threatened to resign. The Bill was drafted in such a way that most of the over 400 amendments were declared out of Order by the Speaker. The amendments that were allowed were voted down by the Payroll, bribed, coerced and Liberals that would wait in the bar to vote. The third reading was passed by just 17 votes on 13/7/72 again after the whole Government threatened to resign and the usual bribing etc. The corrupt process was repeated in the Lords and the whole Bill passed through Parliament without a single amendment which is an almost unknown feat. It was important that no amendments were permitted as Heath did not have the time to spare in forcing through the Bill for membership for 1/1/73. 18) At no point did any of the MPs, Government or most of the Cabinet (probably just Heath and one or two of his Ministers!) see the Foreign and Commonwealth document FCO 30/1048 which was only made public in January 2002 after being kept secret under the 30 year rule. This document confirmed the loss of Sovereignty and Parliamentary freedom to legislate and concluded that it was a price worth paying and that by the time the People found out it would be too late to do anything about it as the UK would be too far integrated into the EEC!
19) When a retrospective Referendum was finally held in 1975 by a reluctant PM Harold Wilson to honour his October 1974 General Election Manifesto it was biased and rigged as he could not afford to lose it as he and probably his whole Government would have to resign and there would also probably be extensive EEC financial penalties.
20) Further EEC/EU integration was enacted by successive Governments all without consultation or permission of the People. More lies were told about the implication of these
Treaties of Maastricht, Amersterdam, Nice, Lisbon and no Referendums were held unlike in other countries (but even these were repeated until the ‘right’ result!).
1) Knowingly signing the UK up to the EEC against the will of the People of the UK was against the foundations of The Treaty of Rome 1957 and therefore the foundations of the EEC and democracy.
2) The EEC had copies of the Heath White Paper of June 1971 and were fully aware of the lies and omissions in it.
3) The EEC should have insisted upon a Referendum as a term of joining as the three other applicant countries of Denmark, Ireland and Norway all had a confirmatory Referendum in addition to the requirement of high Parliamentary majorities in favour. This should have been crucial with regard to their knowledge of the extent of UK public opposition to membership and is undemocratic in the extreme.
4) The EEC knew full well that the official position of HM Opposition was against joining the EEC.
5) The EEC had permitted an incoming Conservative Government to take over the final stages of negotiations of a previous Labour Government. Those negotiations had also previously been left open for 3 years after the veto in 1967 and they had let those continue from where they had left off.
6) The EEC inflicted punishment terms and extortion payments on the UK fuelled by the determination of Heath and Wilson before him to join the EEC at all costs.
7) It was the EECs Treaty and Heath could not have signed it if they had not permitted it.
8) Crucially other countries were not given Referendums to join the EEC, including one of founding members and the biggest financial contributor, Germany.

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