Farage. Friend or Foe

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Farage. Friend or Foe
« on: April 23, 2019, 05:43:43 PM »
Albert Burgess
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Farage Friend or Foe ?????
I was at one time chair of Henley UKIP, as you know my knowledge of English common and constitutional law is extensive. I joined the Metropolitan police as a special constable in 1986 when the book on police law was Moriarty’s Police Law, this was written by two chief constables with over sixty years combined knowledge of policing and criminal law. Chapter 20 deals with offences against the state and religion this is why I know that if you go into a Catholic Church or Synagogue and disrupt the service that is not a criminal act, but if you do the same thing in a Church of England Church that carries an authority to arrest. This is because the Church of England is the Church established by law so the law takes care that it is protected by the law.
Moriarty’s was my bed time reading so I learnt about treason and sedition very early in my career as a police constable. So many years later when I as chair of Henley UKIP Dave Barnby sold me a CD Rom called Shoe Horned into Europe and he said it was of historic interest. So I sat down to read the documents it contained all marked confidential, restricted and secret. I had been reading for ten minutes when I found myself once again wearing my police constables tall hat thinking
(MY GOD THIS IS SEDITION) I identified five serious offences the least serious was fraudulent accounting by the foreign office who gave monies to the British Council for the European Movement a treasonous group, monies they failed to show on any accounts. Now this was not their money to give away it was ours. The other offences were (1) treason (2)sedition, (3) a conspiracy to subvert the constitution, (4) a conspiracy to commit treason. A conspiracy is where two or more people conspire together to commit a crime. So with the fraudulent accounting we have five major crimes.
At conference I asked for a chance to talk to conference for five minutes my plan was that every member of UKIP across the Kingdom would walk in two by two to report the Heath treason to the police one to report the offences as outlined by me, and the other to take contemporaneous notes (the police do not like the public doing this because it is how the police gather evidence) then they both go to another police station and reverse roles. Let us assume each branch committee has ten members some have a lot more there are 650 parliamentary constituencies that is a minimum of 6500 reports of treason nationwide on the same day I believe that is a conservative number. Farage refused to let me speak.
What would happen if my plan had been put into practice? Each Chief Constable would have received hundreds of allegations of treason against the surviving members of the Heath government that will scare him so he needs a way out. The easiest thing for him to do is give everyone a major crime book number and transfer the investigation to the Metropolitan Police in London as being better placed geographically and financially to investigate government. This gives the Met commissioner a serious problem. He can’t not investigate it because 42 Chief Constables will have dumped in his lap thousands of allegations of treason from outraged subjects of her Majesty’s who are all going to raise Cain if he does nothing. (His career is now on the line) To save his career and pension his best indeed his only plan is to investigate the allegations and prosecute the surviving members of the Heath conspiracies for sedition and treason.
UKIP Scotland after Farage had refused to consider my idea went into a police station all wearing UKIP rosettes and carrying banners proclaiming they were members of UKIP a political party and they reported treason. They were lauded by Farage for reporting treason.
BUT AND IT IS A BIG BUT The police will not investigate anything political, just look at how many politicians are not investigated for things which would see us in prison. So Farage and Scottish UKIP have well and truly screwed the pitch when it comes to reporting treason. Had he allowed my plan to go forward and encouraged it we could have been out of Europe 14 years ago because we would have proved in a court of law it was high treason which took us in.
Subsequently because I believe every English man and woman is entitled to know how the Westminster Parliament, has betrayed them to a foreign power without a shot being fired. I spoke at a BNP meeting local to me, surprise, surprise not a bother boot is sight shortly after that I was thrown out of UKIP by Farage. Staffordshire UKIP committee watched a video on common purpose Farage suspended them all and two weeks later threw the entire committee out of UKIP any one any good he has thrown out of UKIP Welsh UKIP had a very good chairman who resigned because he could not put up with Farage. At conference his replacement asked him to come back they needed him. He said he would come back if conference wanted him back a vote was taken and over whelmingly voted for him to be returned as leader of Welsh UKIP Farage refused to have him back.
I like Gerard Batten he is a good man and a serious patriot, He told me Farage had side lined him not allowing him to speak. If you have not already done so you should read his book Inglorious Revolution by Gerard Batten and Pavel Stroilov ISBN 978-1-909099-77-7 and mine Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution by Albert Burgess ISBN 978-0-9569815-0-9 it would help get the knowledge on the constitution if you order them from your library that gets them on library shelves. If you are a teacher get the school to order them we need this information out in full view of everyone. So you decide is Farage friend or foe my vote is foe.

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