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« on: April 23, 2019, 09:11:58 PM »
Spirit boards often figure in satanic mind control.  They involve an interest in the occult, and participants ask questions, and possibly directions, from spirits.  The spirit world serves as cover to explain arranged meetings, déj  vu, premonitions, and voice-to-skull whispers, which are all simply products of mind control .

V 2 K  Voice To Skull .

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, & Misdiagnosis .
The ouija board works only because of directions sent to cybernetic implants through microwaves.  Our abusers see through our eyes, and they move our hands, so we spell out words.  Doing so, they use the technology described below.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Cybernetics and The Minds of Men .
The board action seems inexplicable.  Someone always says, You're  cheating.  You're  pushing it .   But no one is.  Some may naively believe that spirits move the planchette, but, for years, I believed, equally naively, our unconscious minds did the work .
https://fightingmonarch.com/2019/04/23/ouija-spirit-boards-satanism-mk-ultra/?fbclid=IwAR1O3NRPB84TQKAL0PUkvG3TSB8veZ0jv1u40dSwz-QiXwFaGC5OVKw7N80 .

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