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| Battlespace Neuroethics: Schizophrenia, Neuroweapons, Interlinked Assaults on

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Inaugurating the Battlespace Neuroethics Series, intended to be a focused look at various aspects of 1) modern public-domain neuroscience and 2) both public-domain military neuroscience and the emerging reports of Covert MK ULTRA Black Ops Military/Intelligence Neuroweaponized Neuroscience from hundreds of modern day MK or Military/Intelligence Crime Victims also known as "Targeted Individuals," Dr. Edward Spencer suggests we are in the battlespace already, being warred on by an out of control and unethical Military Intelligence Industrial Complex. The way forward he suggests is to examine these assaults within the context of other ongoing assaults including vaccines, forced vaccines, GMOs, flouride, AI, cancer cure suppressions, medical tyranny in general, and so on.

This conversation was interfered with during broadcast and offers perhaps the lead-in to other, upcoming conversations on any or all of these subjects. In addition, the Battlespace NeuroEthics series will move into the realm of Info-Talks or Need to Know reports; I will return shortly with detailed information on Panel 1, The Deliberate Creation of Symptoms of Schizophrenia with Neuroweaponry and "Gangstalking."

Some of the very important words deliberately "redacted" by network interference toward the end were Neuro surveillance and Neuromonitoring, both of which are currently being conducted by the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, as many documents and whistleblowers reveal, including Dr. Giordiano, military neuroscientist who has simultaneously and questionably established himself as a Neuroethicist at Georgetown University and apparently seeks to circumscribe the necessary debates of neuro privacy, autonomy, liberty, and sanctity, which should fall within the aegis and right of all humanity to address.

If you would like to see these informative Reports continue, please support the public-interest journalism at this channel with a subscription at or crowdfund via the Donate/Paypal button at The Everyday Concerned Citizen/ where I continue to publish my own investigative journalism as well as feature the voices and words of important writers and subject matter experts on the subjects of today's science and technology, surveillance and military matters, ethics, human rights, and consciousness. All funds currently pay for tech support and assist Mil/Intel Crime Victims AKA “TI”s in need.  .

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