DARPA Wants to Jolt the Nervous System .

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DARPA Wants to Jolt the Nervous System .
« on: May 26, 2019, 04:00:58 PM »
Published  6  October  2015 . 
Viewing the body as a chemical system and treating maladies with pharmaceuticals is so 20th century. In 21st century medicine, doctors may consider the body as an electrical system instead, and prescribe therapies that alter the electrical pulses that run through the nerves.

That   the premise of DARPA's   newest biomedical program, anyway. The ElectRx program aims to treat disease by modulating the activity of the peripheral nerves that carry commands to all the organs and muscles of the human body, and also convey sensory information back to the brain.

Yesterday, DARPA announced the first seven grants under the ElectRx program. The scientists chosen are doing fairly fundamental research, because we are  still in the early days of electric medicine; they will  investigate mechanisms by which to stimulate the nerves, and map nerve pathways that respond to that stimulation. They are  working on treatments for disorders such as chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, and inflammatory bowel disease .

The proposed stimulation methods are fascinating in their diversity. Researchers will not only stimulate nerves with jolts of electricity, they’ll also use pulses of light, sound waves, and magnetic fields .
https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-human-os/biomedical/bionics/darpa-wants-to-jolt-the-nervous-system-with-electricity-lasers-sound-waves-and-magnets?fbclid=IwAR281ZPdvXvnUKkjgVIhls54IQrP3ZQVpaceOBqhbuLvmGhjO08Bbkcg_5g  .

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