Is 5 G Safe For Your Health ? .

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Is 5 G Safe For Your Health ? .
« on: June 03, 2019, 05:08:34 AM »
It's the same view from every healthcare body, regulator, and otherwise officially accountable organisation that would be liable if 5 G  was found to cause harm .

But that hasn't convinced everyone .

One parliamentary petition with more than 29,000 signatures has called for an independent inquiry into the health and safety risks of the next generation of mobile technology .

The government turned down the request, noting there are multiple such enquiries constantly taking place in the UK and internationally to monitor whether electromagnetic radiation is harming people .

To understand whether 5 G is dangerous, we really need to have a quick look at what it is and how it works  and to do that we need to understand electromagnetic radiation .

The electromagnetic spectrum is natural. A portion of it will be very familiar to readers in the form of visible light, running from infra-red at the lower frequency end to ultra-violet at the higher end of the visible spectrum .

Electromagnetic radiation is measured in frequency and wavelength. Radiation at lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than visible light is known as the microwave and radio wave part of the spectrum . .

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