DARPA neurotech research resonates with Tesla acoustic mind control .

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28th may 2019 .

However, DARPA is telling the public that this technology is more like a continuation of centuries of military innovation such as the invention of the helmet, kevlar, or GPS .

Just as service members put on protective and tactical gear in preparation for a mission, in the future they might put on a headset containing a neural interface, use the technology however it's   needed, then put the tool aside when the mission is complete  said N 3   Program Manager Dr. Al Emondi, in a statement .

If N 3   is successful, well end up with wearable neural interface systems that can communicate with the brain from a range of just a few millimeters, moving neurotechnology beyond the clinic and into practical use for national security .   he added .

To enable future non-invasive brain-machine interfaces, N 3 researchers at  DARPA are working to develop solutions that address challenges such as the physics of scattering and weakening of signals as they pass through   skin, skull  , and brain tissue,  as well as designing algorithms for decoding and encoding neural signals that are represented by other modalities such as light, acoustic, or electromagnetic energy .

https://sociable.co/technology/darpa-neurotech-research-resonates-tesla-acoustic-mind-control/?fbclid=IwAR3h_d9HkNPA9DYQ1czNn3AkhQjilNLpMgRX0KTe1-hmpNpK1DH7Ux9z3x4 .

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