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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: June 02, 2019
In: News

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Theresa May’s agreement with the EU to a Brexit extension contained a clause which prevents any renegotiation of her Brexit deal. So the talk by all the Tory leadership candidates of “negotiations with the EU” is not just naive it is in fact not permitted. As the debate heats up the patriotic anti fascists of all parties are being called “fascists” and “bigots” by Remainers and even mainstream media. Never has historical and ideological ignorance (and EU hatred for the UK) been on clearer display.
The EU27 agreed to delay Brexit until 31 October (at the latest) – but with conditions which include the clear statement:
The European Council reiterates that there can be no opening of the Withdrawal Agreement, and that any unilateral commitment, statement or other act should be compatible with the letter and the spirit of the Withdrawal Agreement and must not hamper its implementation. The European Council stresses that such an extension cannot be used to start negotiations on the future relationship.
Mrs May signed the UK up to those terms. So the EU President Jean Claude Juncker was right when he said “There will be no re-negotiation” and the German Bundestag will not accept any further delay unless the UK holds a referendum or general election. There is no support for the first and the Labour and Tory Parties would be taking a massive risk with the second. The brexit Party has given them a taste of what would happen to both of them.
Norbert Rottgen, a former minister in Germany’s ruling CDU party, said further that Tory leadership candidates should not try to “blackmail” the EU by threatening to leave with no deal unless the Brexit deal is changed. It is of course not an attempt to blackmail for any Brexiteer – “no deal” will be a fact – a fact of freedom – and a release from the grinding control of our economy and body politic by the euro-State.
So neither legally nor politically is it possible to do what 90% of the Tory leadership candidates say they want – a “new deal” – which they say will make No deal unnecessary. No deal IS necessary and it is the only deal which will eventually lead to a prosperous future for the UK.
In an article on this website some years ago I showed the great mutual hatreds which exist within the EU:
Of course with the central cadres of the corporatist fascist Euro-State there is a hatred of ALL nations. The very idea that nation states (as the cradle of modern democracies) should have any roll to play in future is anathema to the Euro-State’s clique of Commissioners. Not surprising – since none of these EU Commissioners are elected and they owe their allegiance, salaries and pensions to the Euro-State.
The true lack of democratic credentials in the EU is shown by the Brexit negotiating teams where all the EU side – Barnier, Weyand, Juncker, Selmayr – are unelected while the British side are all senior elected democrats.
Juncker has just said:
“These stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries”
It is as obvious to anti democrats that this is “stupid” as it is to us that it is natural and healthy. Love of nationhood and solidarity with one’s own people is an absolute necessity for a democracy to function. The EU has for decades of course shown us why such solidarity is not necessary for a corporatist bureaucratic dictatorship!
Michel Barnier the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has just criticised the UK, saying Brexit is a product of nostalgia for a “powerful global Britain”. In this of course he makes the globalist’s mistake of thinking the desire of nations and peoples for democratic sovereignty is their desire for power. Many years ago I was debating with a Conservative MP in Newcastle when – getting a poor response from the audience he suddenly shouted hysterically “Don’t you see it is all about power – it is power we want”. Those who destroy the sovereignty of nation states want global power – so they assume that we who oppose it want power. But we don’t. We want democracy, self Government, free trade, our own laws and cooperation with other nation states. We care not whether that gives us more power or less – it is democratic and it is freedom for us to fail or succeed in the world.
It was of course the President of the European Council Donald Tusk who said there would be a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers. Juncker has said that the British press “do not respect the human rights of politicians” and there should be limits to the freedom of the press! He accused the UK of entertaining “lies” about the EU.
And of course it was officially stated by a European judge that questioning the EU was “blasphemy”.
“Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech” – Ruiz Jarabo Colomer, Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice (case c-274/9)
The stunning victory of the Brexit party (and the fact that 65% of UK European Parliament seats went to that party) is a clear judgement on the above attitudes of the EU and its Commissioners.
According to the group “Electoral Calculus”, if the 23rd May vote for the European Parliament had been a general election the result would have been:
Conservative: 0 seats
Labour: 93 seats
Lib Dem: 31 seats
Green: 1 seat
SNP: 56 seats
Plaid: 5 seats
Brexit: 446 seats
and a Brexit Government majority of 242! With a Tory vote of 9% and a Labour vote of 14% there has been a real revolution as many of us have predicted for years. As I said in a Sputnik Radio interview:
For 30 years (since my 1988 book The Emancipated Society) I have warned that the real split in politics was not on the left-right axis but on the authoritarian — libertarian axis.
The old political parties (not just in Britain but throughout Europe) were simply incapable of understanding their problem. The European divide is between the democratic sovereignty of nations states and the authoritarian corporatist super-state […]
The two mainstream parties — as the left moved right and the right moved left — met in corporatist authoritarian politics. The people were denied a meaningful choice for their votes and big business (through e.g. EU freedom of movement and lower taxes) were able to control markets and lower wages. So the people were denied both the political and economic tools to influence their lives.
There is now a By-election in Peterborough. The revolution rolls on…. And if you want to know the likely result do not take much notice of opinion polls – look at the betting odds. Betting companies cannot afford prejudice or manipulation – they can’t afford it.
On the Betfair Exchange the Brexit Party will claim the seat and are odds-on at 1/4 to do so with 85 per cent of all money bet on this market on them. Labour are at 4/1 while the Tories are at odds of 33/1 with the Lib Dems at 41/1. So much for the Lib Dem revival.
There was a recent Opinion Poll in which Lib Dems were top with the Brexit Party second and Labour and Cons behind them. But the Brexit Party never appeared on the initial list to choose from – it came under “other” and you had to go and look for it!
A spokesman said: “The approach that YouGov has always taken is to prompt (ie give the names of) for the traditional main parties, but only prompt for other parties if people select “other”.
But the Brexit Party at 31.6% of the Eurovote is now a major party – and has been in opinion polls for some months. If Yougov is drawing conclusions about voting intentions then all parties “in the news” must be given equal prominence. They were not.
So this poll was a farce and the result (that the Lib Dems top the poll) should be ignored.
A more recent (unmanipulated) poll for Westminster elections puts the Brexit Party on 26%, Labour on 22%, Conservatives on 17% and Liberal Democrats on 16%.
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