DARPA's Building A Noninvasive Neural Interface for Soldiers .

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posted  June 10, 2019 .
In the future, will soldiers be able to control drone swarms and other new military machines with an AI-brain computing interface? And could a soldier control these machines from such a device and system that would include a non-invasive bidirectional neural interface? Current state-of-the-art neuronal interfaces require invasive surgery to implant silicon-based or metal electrodes into brain tissue. These electrodes are connected to a single neuron or neural ensemble and controlled by high-resolution neural interfaces. But they are not as advanced as they need to be for weaponization, according to the contents of a recent solicitation posted by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA is looking for proposals to "revolutionize the nonsurgical bidirectional neural interface" for the American warfighter. They see an opportunity to create an external device and system which features nano transducers that act as an intermediary, transducing signals between neurons and an "external recording and stimulating device".

DARPA is looking for a leapfrog technology and isn't welcoming any incremental advances in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the program, which is also known Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3).

https://www.engineering.com/Hardware/ArticleID/19258/DARPAs-Building-A-Noninvasive-Neural-Interface-for-Soldiers.aspx .

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