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TI Library by Samuel Ludwick .
« on: June 11, 2019, 08:41:11 PM »
My name is Samuel Robert Ludwick. My education includes an Associate of Science Degree in Architectural Design and Construction Technology (4.0 GPA), an Associate of Arts Degree in General Education (3.7 GPA). I also completed three years of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering. I had to stop going to school in 2001 due to trying to work, go to school, deal with my mother’s passing, being gang stalked, and suffering from “Electronic Intrusion."

I began my career in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management at Miami International Airport as an Architectural Designer, Draftsman, and Construction Manager. In order to do the construction inspections at the airport, I had to obtain confidential clearance from the FBI, the USPS, and the Dade County Aviation Department. I managed secret construction projects at the airport for the security sections located under the airport, to install security devices on the doors, to complete the layout of the facility to update the restrooms for disability access in accordance with 1995 building codes implemented after Hurricane Andrew. We also completed a project for the US Post Office, also located under the airport, to inspect for bomb making materials, drugs, and any other criminal substances. I have also worked as a Senior Engineering Technician for an engineering firm in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; a Construction Manager for various construction companies, and an Instructor for two technical colleges. While working and going to school, I received my General Contractors License and was Principal of my own design/build company, and went into partnership with a real estate broker who was a family friend, and had known since I was a child. 

I have done substantial volunteer work for several organizations including Broward County Health and Human Services as an Assistant Instructor for the TRY Center for at risk youth, Transition Incorporated as a volunteer at Turner Guilford Knight Prison to help inmates find food, clothing, shelter, and employment upon release to reduce the recidivism rate, Habitat for Humanity, and design and construction projects for Christ the Rock Community Church. I was also Vice President of the Associated General Contractors of America to help rebuild homes for disadvantaged families after hurricane Andrew.

I have donated to several charities including UNICEF, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, The American Federation of Police, The Florida Sheriff’s Department, PACTS International, Targeted Justice, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and many others.

I am being victimized by electronic intrusion through remote neural monitoring (RNM), and remote influence of my central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and peripheral nervous systems (somatic and autonomic). This causes involuntary body and brain processes from wireless neural EMF signals directed towards unlawful implanted nanobiotechnology (mesogens). These frequencies are trafficked to other people and organizations for remote influence and RNM for their licentious and sadistic pleasure. They are also covertly experimenting and implementing control technology for human trafficking and sexual abuse. The patents for this technology go back to the early 1970’s and can be easily researched on the US Patent website. The intent is remote human torture and sexual abuse. This attracts the most abominable species of individuals on the planet. The victim is a plaything to their electronic captives, the same way a child is a plaything to the sick pedophile in child sex slavery. 
https://tilibrary.com/samuel-ludwick .

Spreading The Truth .
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