Targeted Individuals Shock And Awe Beam In Brain JamesLico .

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8 June  2019 .
Stop for a moment and think of someone sitting at a computer terminal training a directed energy weapon on an old man sitting in his own home and you can get a taste of how utterly stupid these people are to think that this is a legitimate job.  They actually think they are spies on assignment.  But they are not covert because I blew their cover but they just keep on going because that is the job.  The CIA phoenix Genocide program from Vietnam tells us that this is a war on civil society.

To Destabilise  America.  These contractors are actually destroying America from within under the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY.   But this is anything but security.. ISN'T IT TERRORISM?  Aren't the contractors the terrorists and an innocent old man in his own home is just that .... INNOCENT..  In fact, everyone I have seen on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST, is innocent as far as I can see.  There are literally millions of people like me being attacked by contractors with energy weapons .

Both Donna and I feel like hostages in our own home because contractors are hitting us with directed energy weapons.  These weapons steal our energy and make us feel as though we are dying actually and cant stay awake normally.  We are literally being roasted alive in our own home.  Drones follow us while we drive to shopping or to the doctor.  This has become a cottage industry for many people who are just too stupid to know better and it needs to stop if we are to take back our country.  I have a bachelors in computer science and associate degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and an associates in Biology .

This training allows me to know for sure what I am telling you is true so you shouldn't take my word for it though and do your own research.  After the California fires we know about directed energy weapons now.  The floods in the mid west are weather warfare and like the CA fires, they are done on purpose to destroy America and cause financial collapse.  I have explained this so much that you would think the morons who are hurting me with energy weapons would learn about the corruption and stop being traitors but they really are too stupid, so I am really talking to the smart people here.  Our country and really the world has been taken over by the Five Eyes intelligence community for the new world order.  Just begin researching on you tube and you will see what I mean.  But don't wait for you tube to censor all the patriots .  .

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