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The R N M  Systems Remote Neural Attacks can be used to disrupt your speech if the attackers (RNM System and Hive Mind Teams) decide to prevent you from discussing a specific topic or repeating a given word.

The R N M   system can be configured to disrupt your recollection (memory and thought process) as you begin formulating a related statement or inject non  Sensical words [triggered substitutions] while you are attempting to speak. You go from a logical conversation to suddenly going mentally blank and not being able to remember what you were going to say, followed by injected memory references (gibberish) such as the price of tea in China (nonsense) .

As such, the R N M   Mind Control system (Supercomputer) can influence you to speak without you realising it or unwillingly, without you understanding the reason why or realising the motivation behind your strong desire to suddenly speak about something .  .

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