Cell Phone Company Removes Cell Phone Model Due To High Cell Phone Radiation Emi

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The operator is exchanging the Hapi 30 cell phone whose SAR exceeds the level authorized.  Other models could follow.This is an unprecedented situation.  A mobile phone is currently being recalled because of the level of exposure of electromagnetic radiation to which its users are being exposed.It concerns the Hapi 30, a rather basic flip phone model that the operator Orange sells under its own brand name and is manufactured by the French company Mobiwire. Tens of thousands of consumers affected

In mid-March, Orange began to warn the affected users, that is, 0.3% of its customers, according to the operator, which would represent around 90,000 persons.  By letter, they are being offered a free exchange of their cell phone against another model.It is the controls conducted by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) that detected a specific absorption rate (SAR) that exceeds the authorized limit.  The SAR is the measurement used to quantify the energy of radiofrequency radiation absorbed by the user of a cell phone. It is limited to 2 W/kg at the level of the head (“SAR head”) and at the level of body (“SAR trunk”) .
https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-company-removes-cell-phone-model-due-to-high-cell-phone-radiation-emissions/  .

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