Cell Phone Company Removes Cell Phone Model Due To High Cell Phone Radiation .

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The operator is exchanging the Hapi 30 cell phone whose S A R exceeds the level authorised.  Other models could follow.This is an unprecedented situation.  A mobile phone is currently being recalled because of the level of exposure of electromagnetic radiation to which its users are being exposed.It concerns the Hapi 30, a rather basic flip phone model that the operator Orange sells under its own brand name and is manufactured by the French company Mobiwire. Tens of thousands of consumers affected .

In mid-March, Orange began to warn the affected users, that is, 0.3% of its customers, according to the operator, which would represent around 90,000 persons.  By letter, they are being offered a free exchange of their cell phone against another model.It is the controls conducted by the National Frequencies Agency (A N F R) that detected a specific absorption rate (S A R) that exceeds the authorised limit.  The S A R   is the measurement used to quantify the energy of radio frequency radiation absorbed by the user of a cell phone. It is limited to 2 W/kg at the level of the head (SAR head) and at the level of body  (SAR trunk) .
https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-company-removes-cell-phone-model-due-to-high-cell-phone-radiation-emissions/  .

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