Telephone interview with microwave specialist Barrie Trower (Part 2): Microwave

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Published on 2 July 2019 .

"The auction of the 5G frequencies in Germany has begun. Barrie Trower, former expert for microwave weapons at the Royal Navy, reports in a telephone interview with Klagemauer.TV about warfare with microwaves, which have been used since 1949. Here you can see the first part of the interview .

Klagemauer.TV conducted a telephone interview with the British microwave expert Dr. Barrie Trower. In this 2nd part he addresses the eminent threat to all life on earth from 5G microwave radiation. According to Dr. Trower, the planned 5G Internet from space has the potential to slowly but surely destroy every kind of life on Earth. Part 1 of this Interview .  .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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