Gangstalking Conquering 101"July 4th 2019 After 1 YEAR & a HALF" I'm leaving my

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Published 4  July  2019 .
Yet  another  video  to  the  collection on  the  topic  of global stalking and Individual  cases of  abuse  of  Targeted  Individuals Driven to  the  point  they never felt  safe  in  there very  own  home  because  of  the  Activities  cast  on  individuals  destroying  lives  we  do  not  need  and  thanks  for  watching  the  video  we  aim  to  Expose .  and  the  Police  need  to  take  this  very  seriously  indeed  a  human  being  was  never  brought  in to  this  world  to  be  abused  . no  . !  .

Spreading The Truth .
Thanks  Sr John .

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